J.League vs Kashima Antlers   

2008 J.League 2nd Day 19th sec,27 July 2008 18:34 Kick off at Kashima Soccer Stadium

Match Result
Kashima Antlers (1-1) Urawa Reds

Goals:40min OGASAWARA(Kashima),82min TANAKA


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
”We have played a fantastic game today. I must say that it was a game fought between the two top teams. I believe that we were able to play the game that met our spectators’ expectation. We were playing an even game until mid way into the first half. The Antlers may have played a better game than us till that point. Then, Hirakawa and Tatsuya attempted to score goals with their good shots. Our team had more decisive moments. The weakest point in our good game today came after the break. Of course, it was difficult to gain momentum again straight away. It was a pity that we conceded a goal right after the break. However, we were able to play the game at our pace after that and we played so well in the second half. It was a well balanced match. Since our opponent was Antlers, there were many good players such as Marquinhos and Kooroki who can score goals from us. They also have a good ability of scoring. However, we managed to have good attacks. We did not give up and ended up with a draw and that was really good. Our players made several attempts to score goals with deliveries and Edmilson tried his left-footed shot as well. I am very pleased with the result today other than the fact that we had allowed Antlers to score one goal. Our team played very well. Players will have two weeks off from now but I do not want our players to forget about the match today. They can overcome challenges we faced today in our next match.”

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