In order to develop  

After the match against Jubilo Iwata, both Team Manager Finke and General Manager Hashiratani as well as the players said that they had expected Iwata to play a defensive match to some degree.
It was more regrettable than usual that the team could not win the home match which they knew what to expect. The General Manager makes a comment in this regard.

Since Iwata played against us the way they did, it is possible to assume that our opponent teams which we will play against from now may play a defensive game with counter attacks after they watch the scouting video. How do we respond to an opponent team who is defensive? It is often said that it is best to make space by bringing out opponents, especially bringing out center back players to make some space. It is also good to work on crossing kicks from the side. Depending on the time, it may be good to make early attacks by getting opponent players out. Playing various styles of set plays will also be important. When I say set plays I mean for example to kick the ball into difficult spaces to get to the goal. If players do not attempt to do this, there will be no foul plays. It is important to kick the ball into some vital areas in order to try to get into such vital areas. What we also have to be mindful of is to defend against counter attacks as it is natural to assume our opponent teams will try to work on the opportunities of making counter attacks. As a matter of fact, we lost a goal from a counter attack. There were several dangerous moments involving counter attacks. It is necessary for us not to let the same thing happen and build up our defense against such attacks. It is also important for us to continue to play our style of soccer. Since we continue to play a new style of soccer this year to establish our own way, we should not change our style.

In the past, Urawa Reds played defensive soccer and made attacks in short periods of time to rank high in the standings. But, now the team seems to control the matches they play, yet can not “win” at times. It is easy to get frustrated by observing such matches. However, the scary thing about soccer is a stronger team can not necessary win a match no matter how many attacks and goals the team tries to make. But, this is also the fascinating thing about soccer. In order to become a truly strong team, it is important to understand where the team stands by accepting the real situation and to concentrate on the next match to be played.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]