HKFC Philips Lighting International Soccer 7’s Tournament 2nd day   

The 2nd day of training was held at Hong Kong FC ground from 11 am for about 1 hour.

Before the training, Junki Koike was appointed as captain of the team. Koike, who was also from the youth team, communicated actively with the youth players. He is also expected to lead the team.

In order to improve team’s communication, they trained on their movements and communication through a passing drill.

Although it started to rain in the middle of training, they put in more effort during the mini game.

In the afternoon, all the players joined in the soccer school for the children of Japanese expatriates staying in Hong Kong and 40 students who belong to the soccer youth team at a facility of Hong Kong FC.

The players played tag including dribbling with the children. Koike and Ryota Tonegawa from Youth displayed soccer ball juggling. The children enjoyed and cheered them saying, “Great! Great!”.

After that, the players and children mixed together and played games. After 1 hour, the soccer school was brought to an end. The participants received Reds’ stickers.

In the evening, all the teams that will participate in the tournament gathered. Urawa Reds was introduced as champions in 2005 and 2006.

Junki Koike
“This team consists of a lot of players from youth so I want to be a bridge for both the first team and youth team. I want to have a good communication. I realized that the youth players gelled in the team more compared to the first day. As for me, this will be my 3rd time playing in this tournament. I had the experienced of winning before. Therefore, I want to do my best to lead this team.”

Masato Hashimoto
“It was fun to play with children. Especially, I had a lot of fun during the mini game. The children in Hong Kong were very happy and active. When asked about defense, I taught them how not to lose in one-to-one situations.”