Head Coach Yusaku Ueno – press conference after the match against Kawasaki Frontale  

Comment from Head Coach Yusaku Ueno after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 32nd sec match against Kawasaki Frontale

As our team plays a number of matches over a short period of time, we changed our starting members to prepare for the match. Since Kawasaki Frontale only had two days after their previous match, we really wanted to win against them. It is very disappointing that we couldn’t achieve a positive result. But, I feel that our players worked really hard. I guess working hard doesn’t mean everything. Nonetheless, they fought and ran really well today.
I also feel grateful that our fans and supporters support us so much. We will keep working hard to move forward.

Questions and Answers

Q: As for the starting members, your strikers namely Koroki and Sugimoto were not selected to start the match today. What was the reason for this?

A: We anticipated that Kawasaki Frontale players would hold the ball in their possession for some time. For this reason, we chose Martinus to play as a starting member so that we could respond well with our counter attacks when our opponent team moved forward as well as to mark their side back players.

Q: After securing the chance to play in the AFC Champions League final match, your team had to play three J. League matches against difficult opponents. I am sure that your team wanted to gain more points by winning these matches. But, in reality, your team gained only one point from the past three matches. Has there been anything that you regard as positive over the last three matches?

A: With regard to the match we played today, I thought our team did well to wage attacks against our opponent team by building up the game by moving the ball forward amongst ourselves especially with Shibato and Aoki taking initiative. Being tactful was something that I regard positively. Another positive point was that our players positioned themselves widely across the pitch to wage attacks against our opponent. I trust they were able to continue with this over the past three matches.

Q: During the first half of the match, your opponent team controlled the ball. However, things improved, and Urawa Reds players created several good opportunities during the second half of the match. What do you think was the main point of improvement during the second half?

A: Our players regained confidence during the second half. During half time, our players were talking to each other that the match should not progress as it did, and we must improve our situation. Players responded well to each other and this provided good motivation for them. In addition to this, we, coaching staff members also requested the team to feed the ball to Shibato in the mid-field and connect the ball to Kashiwagi.

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Head Coach Yusaku Ueno – press conference after the match against Kawasaki Frontale