First day at Miyazaki training camp-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Finke after finishing the first day of the Miyazaki training camp

What was important for me to do first was to check the facilities and practice fields of this camp site with my own eyes. For this reason, as soon as we got here, I went out with the other trainers to check the practice fields and the cross country course in the woods where our team members will be running from now. It was a pleasure for me to find out that this site offers such a fantastic environment like this. I believe the motivation of the team is already high as they are able to have their training in this wonderful environment.
Today’s session might have been physically demanding for the players at times. But, it was to be expected as they are going through a preparation period at the moment. We only had one practice session in Ohara yesterday and it was also the case today. We will have several practice sessions a day from tomorrow and that is what is required for the players to build a good foundation for this season. I want our team members to understand the importance of taking good care of their physical condition as well as having a good diet and sleep if they are serious about making the most out of the practice sessions.
(Why are there several practice matches during the camp even though the main focus is the physical preparation of the players?) Soccer is such a complicated sport. Many different elements will have to come together in order for the players to play exceptionally well. Of course, focusing on the idea of building a good physical foundation is important. However, the players should not forget that they are soccer players. The reason why I included practice matches is because I want the team members to have real match type experiences. Many team members are participating in this camp and when each player plays for solid 90 minutes or 45 minutes, it will be a physically demanding practice for them.
We will also play against a high school student team who are not professionals. I believe their motivations will be extremely high. So, if we do not take it seriously on the pitch, I do not think we can win.
In regards to the room allocation of the team members, I did not have any say over it. The club staff made the decision based on the past experiences and information. I know the room allocation details as a piece of information. However, I have not given any intentional instructions over this matter.
I will never be asked this type of questions if I were in Europe. Something that happens within the team or the reason why some players are allocated in the same room together must not be leaked outside of the team. I will not make any comments on this type of matter that should remain within the team in the future either. I am quite surprised that I was asked such a question.
As for Tulio and Alex joining the camp at a later date, I do not regard this as a serious problem. They were planning to take part in the camp from the first day until two days ago. However, as Alex started to experience some pain which was not there before, we decided to take some precautions and thought it would be better for him to stay in Ohara for two days. Alex and Tulio are practicing under Trainer Nozaki with different practice sessions. I thought it would be best for them to practice together under Trainer Nozaki. For this reason, I made the decision with the medical staff that Tulio should stay in Ohara and have practice sessions together with Alex rather than leaving Alex alone in Ohara.
At the moment, they are planning to join the rest of the team on 18. But, the important thing here is that each team player is having the most appropriate practice for him to reach his best condition, therefore, where they have their training is not that important.
I cannot give a clear answer as to when Alex and Tulio will make their full recovery. That requires the hard work of both the medical team and themselves as well as the judgment of the coaching staff. We will discuss and decide when will be the best time for their return by taking the opinions of medical staff and the players into consideration. I understand why the media places importance on Tulio especially as he is a member of the national team. We will work in cooperation with the national team and try to establish a good relationship with them.
(Are you planning to see the national team match?) If it is possible I would like to see the game in the stadium. However, I think it will be difficult as we are right in the middle of our camp training. I guess I will watch the game on TV.
Media interview sessions during this camp will continue to have the same type of format where a few team players answer your questions. During the course of the camp, all the players will have the opportunity to talk with you rather than the same players always answering your questions. You may find it somewhat strange but I am also quite surprised since coming to Japan. In Europe, it is not easy for the media to interview prestigious soccer clubs. Practice sessions are held privately and not open to the public. The media has to apply for permission several months in advance to have camp interview sessions like this. You may find this type of correspondence rather strict. However, considering the European norm, this is a very open media interview. I hope you will get used to this type of correspondence. I have no intention of being hostile here. I hope we will work well together.