Every player raises his competitive mind  

Comment from Team Manager Finke after finishing the fourth day of the Ibusuki training camp.
All the players who did not play in the practice match held on 15 February played in yesterday’s match. I am not trying to say that they should be regarded as B team members. Either way, I wanted all the players who did not play in the match two days earlier to play in the match yesterday. I think I was able to give each player who is fighting over a position at the moment an opportunity to show his performance.
Some players struggled to get into the match for some time and failed to show a good performance. It was very unfortunate for them. However, some players were able to show such good performances. They may be able to stand in a better position thanks to their good performances yesterday in the current battle over positions. Some of them earned several points through their performances during the match yesterday. Unfortunately, some players were not able to score many points at all. However, I would not like to reveal the names of players as to explain who scored many points and who did not in public.
What I think is important right now is the fact that all players are raising their awareness to be competitive. Even for a player who performs well once, it does not mean at all that his position is guaranteed for a year. The team is in a fair and sound competition right now and all the players can secure a place to play in matches based on their performances during practice sessions. I think the idea stimulates the overall team in a very good way. We have to respect rivalries may have been created anew among experienced players who are going through this type of process. They too have to win in this competition. This was not a normal process a while ago.