Each of us will fight through bearing in mind what it means to wear the Urawa Reds uniform-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic the day before the J. League 26 Sec. against Shimizu S-Pulse

We have gained 28 points up to now. As this is the case, the rest of the matches we will play will be of extreme importance to us. All we need to do from now is to break free from the current difficult situation as soon as possible so that we can restore our calmness again.
Our opponent team Shimizu S-Pulse is such a good team. There are little differences in their play formations such as 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, or having 1 anchor or 2 anchors. They play very simple and clear soccer. We will prepare ourselves well in order to do well against such style of soccer. We will show our fighting spirit with passion by working hard just like we did when we played against Omiya Ardija. I believe that we will be able to achieve a good result if we truly know what it means to us to put an Urawa Reds uniform on.
Obviously, we have been preparing ourselves well in terms of our tactics. Naturally, there will be times when our opponent will outperform our individual players or likewise our players will get out of a tough situation by his own ability depending on the situation. Either way, we will prepare ourselves as a whole team. As we played very well when we played against Omiya Ardija, we will try to carry a good momentum when we play the match tomorrow.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]