Despite the painful result, we will continue to prepare ourselves well for the next match–Team Manager Mishca  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 27th Sec match against Shonan Bellmare

As was expected, today’s match turned out to be a tough one for both teams. While Shonan Bellmare fought the match in order to remain in the J1 League, our team was fighting to remain in the top tier to win the title. For this reason, it was such a hard match.
We played relatively well during the first half of the match. We scored one goal and were quite close to score another goal before half time. After the second half started, our team was forced in under our opponent team’s pressure. We had to make sure we defended ourselves so that Shonan Bellmare would not catch up with us. As a result, our opponent team led the match. Under such a situation, they attacked our team effectively and they were rewarded for that by scoring two goals. They came from behind with the result of one to two. After that, we fought back again to make attacks. After we caught up with our opponent, we managed to make another chance to score a third goal. However, we finished the match with a draw.

I think the drawn score result was such a painful result to take not only for our players but also for the team and the club. Our team has not been able to win over the last few matches including the previous match. We really had hoped to gain six points by winning today’s match and the previous one. For this reason, the results we had are hard to swallow. I also feel that our team has not been performing well over the last two matches. I am not convinced that our team was performing in the way deserving a victory. One of the overriding issue with our players was their stamina. Many of them dropped off during the second half. Some of the players who should take a key role have not been able to show their potential. They have not been able to execute what they have to execute.

However, it is difficult to carry out an accurate analysis and I certainly have responsibility over my team players’ performance as their team manager. I am not sure if our team had too much training or rather too little. Or, was it because they have been suffering from fatigue after they played in a series of matches including the J. League matches, ACL, Emperor’s Cup and the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup? While it is difficult to carry out an accurate analysis, I guess such things form a part of the fact.

What was lucky for us was that the current top team finished their match with a draw. For this reason, though the performances of other teams will have to be considered, I still think we will be in a good position of winning the title.

As a matter of fact, it was our team that should have performed in a much better way during today’s and previous matches. I will continue to work together with our players to prepare ourselves well for the next match.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Despite the painful result, we will continue to prepare ourselves well for the next match–Team Manager Mishca