Catching up with the opponent team shows Urawa Reds' players strength of mind-comment from Team Manager Petrovic  

It must have been a very interesting match for our supporters and journalists. However, it was a very unfortunate match as we allowed our opponent to score a goal by making a childish mistake during the first half of the match even though we controlled most of the match and created many scoring opportunity for ourselves without giving many chances for our opponent. It is such a pity that these types of things are continuing to happen week after week. In regards to the defense of free kicks and corner kicks, we go through what we need to do during our training every week. For this reason, it is hard to believe that our opponent team players get the opportunity to score with their headers every time.
But, our team managed to play a very aggressive game during the second half of the match and was able to catch up with our opponent with the score of two to two. I believe this shows our players’ mental strength and excellent condition. I think that our players’ potential surpasses that of our opponents if they deliver what they are truly capable of.
I thought that our opponent’s tactic was to kick a long ball to Rafael and Lee picks up the second ball. It was hard for our players to respond tactfully to this.
In addition to this, while we always respect and pursue the importance of fair play, one of our players kicked the ball in the way it was not regarded as fair, which was very regrettable as it caused some difficulties for the team. It is not acceptable to kick the ball to the opponent’s corner kick area instead of kicking it back to the goal keeper. To play a fair game, I think it is necessary to kick the ball back to the goal keeper regardless whether a team is winning or losing.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]