All Come Together! Komaba Day   

Urawa Reds will hold an event, “All Come Together! Komaba Day” on the match day against Kyoto Sanga FC held on the 1st of October.

Urawa Reds will play against Kyoto Sanga FC in the J.League 26th game at Komaba Stadium. Kick-off is at 7 pm. The aim of holding this event is to support Komaba Stadium which is loved by many supporters.

1. Name of the event: “All Come Together! Komaba Day”

2. Content:
◆Screen Viewing at the citizen square in front of Urawa PARCO, east exit of Urawa station
From 7pm to 9 pm
Host/ Urawa Reds, Co-hosts/ Urawa PARCO, SKYPerfecTV!
A talk event, “Before the Game Show” will be held at “Reds Gate” on the 1st floor of Urawa Parco from 4pm to 5 pm.

◆Screen Viewing at the kick-off square in front of HOP building, east exit of Kita Urawa station
From 7pm to 9 pm *In the event of rain, viewing will be cancelled.
Host/ Kita Urawa GINZA Reds Merchants Association, Co-host/ Kita Urawa Kyoeikai
*For participants, there will be a special present.

◆On the match day, “All Come Together!” post cards will be distributed at Komaba Stadium and the event sites. If you bring the post card to restaurants near Urawa PARCO, Urawa and Kita Urawa after the game, you will be entitled to some special offers.
*You will be able to find the list of participating restaurants on our official website, http://www.urawa-reds.co.jp/