Al Qadsia Press Conference   

The Al Qadsia official press conference was held in the Saitama Stadium ball room at 5:45 pm on the 23rd of September. Manager Mohammed Ibrahem and Al Shammari attended.

Manager Mohammed Ibrahem
“This match is very important for both of us. We won at home and the next game is tomorrow. This away game will be extremely tough because we have to play against Urawa Reds who were the champions last year. In addition, the game will be held at their home stadium, meaning there will be many Reds supporters.

We are very proud that we won against a great team like Urawa Reds in Kuwait. We have a good opportunity to play against this great team, so we want to learn a lot from them. Regardless of tomorrow’s result, Urawa Reds and Japanese football will still be excellent.

Saitama Stadium is a historical stadium where the semi-final of world cup was held. This stadium will continue to be a witness of historical incidents. It is very fortunate for us to play football at such a stadium.

We see many media personnel here today. Some even came to Kuwait. As we are not use to having so much media attention, this is a little bit scary for us.”

Al Shammari
“It will be an important game. Al Qadsia is playing against the team who won in Asia and finished 3rd in the world. As a player, I will put our win in Kuwait aside and will do my best to achieve a good result in the away game as well.”