After the preseason match against Tokushima Vortis-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after the preseason match against Tokushima Vortis.

It will always be a painful experience when you lose in a match. I think our players were playing quite well for the first 60 to 70 minutes. As they were making many scoring opportunities, I think they should have been able to score some goals at an earlier stage. However, since it was the final day of the training camp for the team, I cannot deny that players were worn out after the eight days of hard training programs and they lacked in their concentration around the goal. For this reason, they were not able to make the most of the scoring opportunities they created.
It was very unfortunate that Spiranovic who played in the match today made the mistake as he did. I am sure that he felt the same way as it was his first match after he joined the team. Having said that we should not forget that he performed so well in the match we played against Jubilo Iwata three days ago. Spiranovic played so well against the Iwata’s top forward player Maeda and Lee Keun-Ho who is also a Korean National Team player. For this reason, even though it was unfortunate that Spiranovic made a mistake today, I do not doubt his ability and potential at all. I do not think we should make a big deal out of it. After all, I think our players were in control of the game for over 60 to 70 minutes today. Considering it was the game played at the end of our training camp, the team deserves big praise.
There will be two weeks before the opening match. I think Kashiwagi, Ponte and Sanou will be able to join the team in the next week. We will have other options having these three players join the team. By making the most of the team’s capability, we would like to play better in the future so that we do not repeat what we did during the last 20 to 30 minutes of the game today.