After playing the match against Thespa Kusatsu-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the pre season match against Thespa Kusatsu

We trained ourselves in the training camp for 11 days in Europe. We had very hard training. We did not reduce the physical burden placed on the players for the sake of the pre season match either. Since we had come back to Japan only a few days ago, our players still suffer from jet lag as well. For this reason, jet lag had some influence over their physical condition as you saw. We were able to see that our players suffered from some fatigue in many different situations such as they did not run after the ball as quickly as they usually do at crucial moments.
For example, they were late in their response when they had to switch to their next positions quickly. This was the case with every player as all of the players were in Europe. While I feel sorry for those who supported us, we were not able to predict how the jet lag would influenced the players especially as it has only been three days since we came back from Europe.
Having said that, I had hoped that our players would play smarter than they did in many situations regardless of their jet lag. At present, players are in a slump as they went through very hard training. However, we will readjust ourselves well so that we can prepare ourselves well for the forthcoming J. League match which will be held in two weeks time.