After playing the match against Shonan Bellmare - Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Twentieth Sec. against Shonan Bellmare

We were able to score the first goal and our players were able to concentrate on their performance unburdened by pressure as a result. I am so pleased about how we won the match today. Our team has created many scoring opportunities since the beginning of the year. Our team outnumbered our opponents in terms of the number of scoring opportunities they created. Nevertheless, they were not able to score goals easily. For this reason, many of the players have been suffering from a mental block over their ability to perform well for a long time.
However, once a team can score the first goal like our team did today, the team will be able to show its full potential without feeling too much pressure. What is important is for every player to sustain his strong mentality. Some of our players were telling the rest of the team in the locker room today that what was most important was to capitalize on the scoring opportunities the team created. They were saying that nothing more should be said as long as the team could score goals when they created opportunities. It is important for the team to have constructive discussions with each other like they did in the locker room today.
It is also important for them to believe in the path they are taking. They need to have a stronger conviction that they can definitely make many more scoring opportunities with the play style they have now. In the end, it is necessary for them to score goals by capitalizing on the chances they create.

What was truly regrettable today, however, was the fact that Sergio was given another yellow card. This is very unfortunate as we have many injured players at the moment. This was Sergio’s forth yellow card, which means that he cannot play in our next match against Kashima Antlers. I think it is necessary for me to review what had happened. I cannot really comment much on this at this moment. I do understand that a player receives a yellow card when he takes off his uniform. However, I am not sure if he had taken off his uniform entirely. Nonetheless, as Sergio received his forth yellow card, he cannot play in our next match and this is extremely unfortunate.

Now, I would like to explain about Abe’s situation so that you do not have to ask questions later on. I assume that I would be questioned about why Abe remained in the locker room after half time. I spoke with Abe last night. After my direct discussion with him, we decided that he would be playing as a starting line up member. However, his current condition still requires more time to recover. Since he only had a very short recovery period after he came back from the World Cup, his recent condition has not been good at all. What he needs right now is to fully recover himself. As such, I am going to give him a few days off during the coming week. He does not have to come to our club house in Ohara. What he needs right now is to get refreshed mentally as well. He hurt his shoulder during the first half of the game today. For this reason, I discussed with him during half time that he would be replaced by another player.
It is important for him to recover well from his current condition. He needs to recover mentally as well. He only had a short rest period after the World Cup. Despite the fact that their off period was short, he could not have enough rest as he had accepted every invitation he received to attend many events including press conferences. For this reason, he needs to refresh himself physically and mentally. As I had discussed many things with Abe over the last few days, I was able to get a lot of detailed information about his physical condition. I also found out one fact, which is that he has never missed one single official match since 2004. He never missed playing in a match due to his injury or fatigue. This is a very rare case even when you look around the world. This is proof that he has a strong fighting spirit. But, what is necessary with his current condition is to have a good rest off the pitch.