After playing the match against Omiya Ardija-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup/A Seventh Sec. against Omiya Ardija
To be honest with you, what made me feel happy today the most was the fact that 36,000 fans and supporters came to the stadium to watch the game today. Several main players were missing and many players were injured. For example, Robson Ponte and Tatsuya Tanaka were not with us. Nonetheless, players especially the young ones have played really well in the recent three Nabisco Cup matches and we were able to gain 9 points over the three matches.
I am certainly happy with the result today. But, I am at the same time very happy with the fact that so many fans and supporters came to the stadium just to see the Nabisco Cup.
I feel that we were able to show a very fascinating game to our many supporters. I cannot say that it was a fantastic game. As a matter of fact, there were both good and bad points. We certainly had some goals by having good combination plays. However, there were times that we lost our concentration when switching from offense to defense after we led the match well for sometime. As for the goal we conceded, had we remained more concentrated, I do not think we would have conceded the goal like we did.
For this reason, even though it was good that we achieved the result we did today in such a difficult situation, there are still many things to be desired. However, as many players were away, I do not want to make harsh criticisms today.

(I assume you now are gradually finding out about what kind of summer we have in Japan. Now that this is the case, what kind of approach are you planning to take when playing football with a large amount of movement in Japanese summer?)
I still do not know about the Japanese four seasons at all. For this reason, I declined the several offers by German clubs about one week ago. I mean that I would like to experience the Japanese four seasons at least twice. If I am able to spend the second summer here in Japan, I am sure I can respond to your question with a high-quality answer by taking my experience from my first year into consideration.