After playing the match against Nagoya Grampus-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Zeljko Petrovic after playing in the J. League Seventh Sec. against Nagoya Grampus

I am very satisfied with the good performance our team had today. I thought they had good pressing especially during the first half of the match. Of course, our team has prepared well to cover all small details. We had good times and bad times in the past. But, everyone performed admirably today. The players who replaced the other members mid way through the match also performed well. All our samurais showed their fighting spirit today.
Particularly, I am very content with Edmilson’s performance. He moved around the field and kept the ball to himself well. Thanks to such a performance of his, the players who were playing behind him such as Marcio, Kashiwagi and Tatsuya were also able to perform well. As for our four defenders, it was obvious that all of them performed beyond our expectations. They showed many combination plays. Though it might have been possible for them to score several more goals, there is no doubt that they performed laudably. I am very satisfied with the fact that our team was able to perform well in a match like this against a top level team in the J. League.
Before the match today, I talked with the team and said that it was necessary for all experienced players to lead our young players such as Shunki, Ugajin and Genki. I am truly proud of my team as all of the team players made a conscious effort in this regard. I am extremely happy that Genki was able to score a goal. Shunki also performed beautifully. I am also pleased that most of the team members played extremely well such as Ugajin, Nagata, Marcio, Yosuke and Tatsuya. I think the team was able to win the match as all Urawa Reds members including medical to technical staff members, not to mention the president to managers worked hard as one. If we can keep this momentum, we will be able to win so many more upcoming matches.
However, we have only played two J. League matches so far. And, all what the team has so far is three points. As such, it is necessary for us to train ourselves well from now and perform our own style of games by understanding our own way. I now can feel that players have found joy in playing soccer again. I would like to keep the momentum going as it is.
Last but not least, I believe that the supporters who came to the stadium to cheer us deserve our admiration the most today. Looking around the world, I believe Boca Juniors (an Argentine football club) and Urawa Reds are the only clubs that have dedicated supporters who keep continuing singing supporter’s songs even after the match was over. I would like to show and give my utmost appreciation and applause for those supporters who came to the stadium today. I think I spoke too much today. My apologies for such a long comment. Considering my character, the fact that I speak too much may make myself not such a good coach (lol).

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]