After playing the match against Montedio Yamagata-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Sixteenth Sec. against Montedio Yamagata
I knew that today’s match was going to be a tough match. I watched the pervious match Montedio Yamagata played against Kawasaki Frontale. Frontale was lucky to have won the game by scoring a goal right before the end of the match. As such, I knew that the match we played here today would be a difficult one. To be honest with you, we went through a period during the first half of the game when we could not control the game well. Nonetheless, we managed to win the game and won three points for our victory. I am very much pleased with the result.
Though we were not able to have a good result during the first half of the game, I think we performed well after that. We made several strategic changes in the second half. I think making several changes including players’ positions as well as introducing new players had a very positive effect on the team as a whole.
Certainly, Robson Ponte did a fantastic job despite the fact that he had not played in matches for about two months. His performance during the second half alone proved that he is such a valuable member for the team. Having said that, there are still several players such as Tatsuya Tanaka who are away. Our defender, Tsuboi is also away. For this reason, we are still going through a very difficult situation. When they will be back, I am sure our situation will improve. However, as we are currently going through some difficult times, I will try to use different players in different positions by taking as many things into consideration as possible so that we can go through this difficult period.
As my final comment, I would like to mention Edmilson and Takahara. I assume that our spectators now can see that they can play together on the pitch as part of the team. When I joined the club, many people told me that these two players do not get along well and therefore should not be sent onto the pitch at the same time. However, they now can play really well together like they have. For this reason, I assume that those who had negative ideas about them playing together have now changed their minds. I also think that our spectators were able to see how they played well together during today’s match.
Another thing is that after coming to the Yamagata Stadium, I had great “sympathy” towards the club. The atmosphere of the Stadium and the entire organization as well as the fact that the team is making great efforts gave me such an impression. For this reason, I really hope that the team will do successfully so that they can remain in the J1. I also hope that Akahoshi who joined the club from our team will do well to help the team achieve their goal.