After playing the match against Montedio Yamagata-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup qualifying round forth sec against Montedio Yamagata

I feel extremely upset as we lost such an important opportunity today. It was important for us to win the match today so that we could have played in the next final tournament.
I thought our team played quite well for the first twenty minutes. However, we failed to lead the game during that time. We lost our calm headedness as time passed by and our performance deteriorated.
What was most unfortunate was that we lost our goal by receiving a header shot from our opponent. We lost the plot after losing the second goal and completely lost the opportunity to come right back into the game. There are so many things that we can learn from today’s match and I would like to have a discussion about them with my team.
It was disappointing that we used part of our energy on something we should not have. Our players wasted their energy on challenging the decisions referees made. This type of thing should not have happened as we should spend our energies on good performance.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]