After playing the match against Kashima Antlers-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Thirty Fourth Sec. against Kashima Antlers
We finished with a very disappointing result today. It was especially so for our fans and supporters and we feel sorry about that. However, at the same time, I would like to congratulate Kashima Antlers for their third consecutive victory. They have made such an impressive record by winning the league three years in a row and the result proves their ability. The result made it clear that they have a firm play-style philosophy and have worked hard to follow the principle. Their three consecutive victories have proven this very point.
As for our result, I am not asking for your comforting words. It is my job as team manager to make a comment even in a situation like this. From a team manger’s point of view, our performance today was not bad at all. In reality, our team created more scoring opportunities. I think that our team was able to show that they were capable of playing a good game at the same level against Kashima Antlers.
In addition to our good performance, our “fighting spirit” was fantastic. We were trying to attack our opponent in their side of the field until the last moment. I think that all of the team members were trying hard to create a chance to score a goal with a strong will. However, the luck was not on our side in the end.
So many things have changed from this year. We have tried many things differently in order to proceed with our reform this year. For example, we changed our daily practice style as well as our play style, not to mention many other things. It was naturally expected by us that we would go through very difficult phases at times, as we have changed many things. Nonetheless, we were able to make many more steps forward this year. We are certainly making a great advancement forward. We were able to play with a very different play-style this year. I believe that we were able to build an important “foundation” towards next year and beyond for our future. Of course, it is expected for us to achieve a good result while going through many reforms. However, by looking at the long history of soccer it is generally understood that it is difficult to achieve a good result easily. I assume you understand this point well. Certainly, we wanted to have good results as early as possible. However, we are going through what we are currently going through for our future. The path we are taking is the correct path and we will be able to achieve fantastic results in the near future. We are going through our reform for this very reason.
Most of the members we have this year are the members we had last year. Many players played in this year’s matches including today’s match were playing last year as well. However, we have been able to play a completely different style of soccer this year. For this reason, I think that we have made a big step forward towards our future. I believe that we were able to introduce ball-oriented soccer which is practiced by very high level soccer teams around the world. During this year, we have conducted many different kinds of reforms towards next year. As for the coming year, it is inevitable for us to have different members in our team. Nonetheless, we will move forward along the path we are on at the moment. I believe that we will be able to make a big step forward by doing so.
There are still many more things left for us to do. However, it will be my pleasure to tackle these challenges. I am very much looking forward to doing my job from next year.