After playing the match against Jubilo Iwata-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Third Sec. against Jubilo Iwata
We made it difficult for ourselves to play during the first half of the game. Even though we had chances to score a goal, we had to play a tough game. But, it was good that we came away with a draw. In my opinion, we created many opportunities to score goals. I thought we had eighty percent more chances than they did. Looking at how the game went, it would have been possible for us to score more goals. However, as our three players playing the game relied too much on other players, Gilson (number eight opponent player) had a good advantage. It was a shame that we conceded a goal like this. Nonetheless, I did not think our performance was poor.

(Why did you change players only once?)
When we only had six to seven minutes left till the end of the game, I was thinking of changing players. However, the flow of the game was not so bad. Takahara had a close volley and we were able to deliver the ball into our opponent’s penalty area many times. As this was the case, I did not change players. Unfortunately, Edmilson had a cramp and I am sure he was having a difficult time for that reason. However, it was only two to three minutes before the end of the game. When changing players at this time will lead to time loss. As such, I had Edmilson hang on for a moment until the end of the game and decided to maintain the flow of the game as we had a better chance of scoring a goal just before the finish of the game.

(Communication tools are allowed to be used from today. What did you think about actually using them?)
I am not sure if it is a good thing to use wireless devices. In today’s match, I used the device for a real purpose right after we lost a goal. One of the coaching staff was watching how we lost the goal from the stand. Therefore, I asked him how it looked from the above. Having said that I also saw from the bench that Gilson was one on one with the goalkeeper as well that our three players were not proactively seeking the ball from him. Therefore, the information I got using the device was just to “confirm” what I saw. I did not use the device for anything else. I think it is good to have a coaching staff member to watch the game from the stand. However, I think it is enough if he can give us lots of information during half time. For this reason, I do not intend to use wireless devices actively.