After playing the match against Jubilo Iwata-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup qualifying round first sec against Jubilo Iwata

We played very differently during the first and second halves of the match. We had 4 or 5 different starting line up members today. They could have used this opportunity to prove themselves as “one of the main forces” today. However, unfortunately, these new starting line up members led to the performance we had during the first half of the match.
During half time, we did not analyze the team’s performance well. It was important for us to start “afresh” in the second half. For this reason, I introduced Robson Ponte. I discussed this with him in advance. He performed well soon after he went onto the pitch.
I think the performance of the team improved drastically during the second half of the match. It does not mean that we forgot about how we performed during the first half. Either way, I think we played relatively well during the second half. I believe that some of our players learnt something very important today as some of those players who played today had not had any chances of playing in a match as a starting line up member this year.
Certainly, my intention was to use as strong players as possible today. However, the change of members led to a very disappointing performance as you saw. But, the team was able to give a reasonable performance during the second half. We should not forget about how we played during the first half. Nonetheless, the performance in the second half was something to be recognized to a certain degree.
In order to avoid any speculations, I would like to point out clearly to everyone that I discussed the possibility of introducing Ponte with him directly in advance. Regardless of the performance during the first half of the match, it was agreed between Ponte and me that he would be sent on the pitch from the beginning of the second half of the match. I sent him onto the pitch to play in the second half as I discussed with him. In regards to the other players, I had considered to replace some of them in order to prepare well for the match we are to play this Saturday. However, since the performance of the team was really bad, it was not possible to replace certain players.
We will now start to prepare for our next match against Shonan Bellmare with high concentration. I think some of the players on the pitch today will again be playing on the pitch during our next match against the Bellmare.
In regards to the players who were selected to be starting line up members for the first time today, I think Shunki Takahashi performed quite well. I did not think his overall performance during the 90 minute of the match was bad at all.

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