After playing the match against Gamba Osaka - Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Thirtieth First Sec. against Gamba Osaka

I must commend my team for their performance during the first half of the match today. Our team overwhelmed our opponent. However, one thing I must criticize is the fact that they could not score any goals. Since the team created many scoring opportunities, they should have scored some goals. However, we were not able to do so when we controlled the game.
Shunki Takahashi had to leave the pitch due to his injury during the match, which took a big toll on our team. During the second half of the match, we lost a goal as our opponent got around one of our players.
As a result, Gamba Osaka started to lead the match using this opportunity as their momentum. I would not like to comment about the particular player of ours. If only, I would like to protect him since he chose to sacrifice himself to play in today’s match despite the fact that he was not feeling 100 percent. Since Ugajin has been away from the team due to his injury, our team is short of players at the moment. Considering the situation, the player said that he would play as a starting line up member for the team.
To sum up the match we had today, the team which had many more experienced and clever players who were capable of playing efficiently won the match today.
We will play in another match in three days from now. I believe that our medical team staff members have to do a lot from now.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]