After playing the match against Cerezo Osaka-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Fourth Sec. against Cerezo Osaka

I think we played a very fascinating game today. In order to play fascinating soccer, it is necessary for both teams to play well. I thought that we were able to play such a game today.
As for me, it was unfortunate that our opponent caught up with us so many times. This is something we have to address in the future. I think that Cerezo Osaka has good potential especially in the offensive. I am glad that we were able to win the match and score three points today playing against a good team.

Today’s result means a lot to us. It is very meaningful for us mentally to have won the match today. We have played three away matches and one home match so far and we have scored seven points. I think this is a substantial result for us.

We will play a home match next. I would like to win the match again so that we will be able to have a good result. As I have previously said in a press session, it is possible to tell if a team is going to do well or not for the rest of the season by assessing how they are at the end of the fifth match.

As this is the case, I would like to win the next match so that we can have good momentum for the rest of the season.

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