After playing the match against Cerezo Osaka - Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Twenty Sixth Sec. against Cerezo Osaka

I am very pleased that the team won the match and was able to score three points. Though the team had a really good start to the match, as Tatsuya Tanaka was then injured the team suffered from it and experienced some difficulties for a while. It was especially so as Cerezo Osaka is an excellent team.
Now I would like to make a comment on Takasaki’s change over so that I will not invite critical questions later on. I changed him with another player for a strategic reason. Since Cerezo Osaka introduced several players into the match, I wanted to increase the number of the defensive mid fielders. However, if Takasaki was to have remained on the pitch, we would have had four offensive players on the pitch at the same time including the three defensive mid fielders. For this reason, I decided to remove Takasaki from the pitch so that we could have greater depth in our mid field. Therefore, replacing Takasaki was based on truly strategic reasoning.
As for Genki Haraguchi, I thought he performed so well today. I am not just talking about the goal he scored. Actually, I recently had several discussions with him. To be honest with you, he had not been performing so well over the last few weeks. However, he was able to perform well and contributed to the team not only when he scored the goal but in other scenarios as well. Certainly, the team benefited a lot from his goal shot but there were more reasons for him to be commended today.
Our team went through a very difficult time over the past few weeks as we had many players who got injured. However, I believe that going through this hardship helped us to consolidate our team spirit more than ever. We were able to play organized soccer today. It is true that we were saved by mere luck twice during the first half of the match. None the less, the team is getting better as a whole and our team spirit is also getting stronger. For this reason, I think our team now can play as one in a true sense.
What is important from now is to keep this stance every time when we play in our home stadium in Saitama. I thought all the players of the team today were able to perform with this stance. However, it is quite difficult to be this way depending on the circumstance. It is important for us to keep this fighting posture and determination to win under any circumstance. I am glad that our team was able to show this today with a positive result.

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