After finishing today’s training-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after finishing today’s training

(How was the week after the Miyazaki camp?)
I do not want to sum up everything yet after going through the last one week as we still have some time left for the date set as our goal. Having said that, basically I can say that we play more “football” now than when we were in the camp. This includes working on strategies as well. From a physical training point of view, players are currently at the stage of working on programs that stimulate their instantaneous ability shifting from building their endurance. Players may find it burdensome. However, improving their instantaneous ability is a big theme for us. I am glad to know that no players have been injured so far.

(Have you introduced the instantaneous ability building program based on data?)
I think what we are doing at the moment is very basic. The reason as to why we are working on instantaneous ability training now makes good sense and working on what kind of football players should play does not change the physical training aspect of the program. I certainly try to come up with the program that can enhance players’ techniques, ability and strategic mind as football players while improving their physical strength at the same time.

(How did you divide the team into two groups as one group for playing basketball and the other playing a match?)
Firstly, we formed a recovery group. The recovery group is made up of older players who completed the past few weeks training almost perfectly. As you know, what is most important for training is how much burden you put on players and how they recover from such stress. It is necessary to work out the balance between the two. It is natural to put burden on players during the preparation period and for them to get tired is what is to be expected. However, after going through 3 or 4 very tough training sessions, it is vital to recover. Otherwise, players may get injured. As such, after dividing the team into groups, I put those players who need to recover into the recovery group by taking the burden put on players during training sessions into consideration. The other group had Hosogai, Sergio and Kondo along with those players who were christened earlier this week (new player training workshop) to be professional J-League players. I wanted to stimulate them in a positive way by imposing a heavy load on them.
For this reason, we came up with such a program. Young players like Hosogai and Sergio recover more quickly than older players. On top of that, these two players were not able to participate in all the training at the Miyazaki camp. That was why I put them into the training group.
(What is your view on the trainee, Teruki Tanaka?)
I don’t want to make a big comment on him at this stage yet. As he will be participating in the training tomorrow and is still very young, I need to assess him in many regards. Fundamentally, young players who are scouted and participate in training programs are invited for training for they are good players who have potential to grow in the future. As this is the case, it does not mean that we will enter into an agreement with him straight away just because he once participated in our training session. I take this as the continuation of the scouting process. It is important to assess his potential for the future and maintain regular contact with him. When he reaches the level that is enough to play in our club as a result, then, we may acquire him for our club. In order to meet these requirements, we must maintain good contact with him. In this respect, it is very important to have close contact with potential players after scouting them. I think media people in Japan are lucky. In Europe, when trainees participate in training sessions, it is most likely that those training sessions will not be open to media. It is not good to put trainees under the wrong type of pressure. We try to make it difficult for people to find out about trainees’ participation in our practice sessions in Europe. But, you can come into the training ground and come near the pitch regardless whether or not there are trainees. You are in a very lucky position to do your job. I am certainly trying to get used to the idea soon as well.

(When you are working on the physical strength of players, what are you trying to instill in them during the training?
When we are engaged in a game style training session, it is important to raise players’ awareness in many respects. However, it should not be regarded as something completely different from the programs for improving instantaneous force. Sprint practice program sessions conducted by Coach Tanko before every game as well as running coordination training will also improve players’ instantaneous force and sprint ability. But, game style training sessions also can stimulate instantaneous force. I do not regard these two types of training completely different. Players can also improve their instantaneous force. As a general rule, I do not prefer training muscles that are not necessary in playing football. As we are football players, first of all, we should concentrate on training the muscles required for playing football. As this is the case, we do not work on a single program such as strengthening just instantaneous force or the lower part of the body for two weeks. I would like to formulate the programs that allow my team players to be able to play “football” as well as strengthen their lower body at the same time by introducing as many game style practices as possible. Such is my style. Not running game style practice sessions for several days is not in my scenario.

(What kind of schedule do you have in terms of training match from now?)
After having discussions with the club, we decided that the PR section of the club will make the announcement about the training match venue, date, time, the name of our opponent etc. As such, I cannot comment on the training match schedule in detail. In Germany, we have a saying that when you are in a different environment, common sense also changes. As it is now a rule that I do not comment on training matches during this occasion, please ask the club for the information. But, I can say that we will certainly have training matches.

(What did you think of the national team’s match against Finland?)
I was at the wonderful pep party held by the supporters’ association yesterday. It was held from 19:00 to 21:00 and I had the opportunity to meet many people from the association. I certainly recorded the match. However, I did not have time to watch the game before today’s training. I have important information such as Tsuzuki played in the game, Tulio played for 55 minutes, Tatsuya did not play in the game this time etc. I also have good communication in this regard. I have great pleasure in knowing that the national team did very well in this match. I believe this result will provide a great emotional support for the team towards their next match.

(You said you were going to the stadium to watch the national team match against Australia.)
I am not sure if it is strategically a wise move for me to give a firm answer to this question. If I make it clear, I may be surrounded by many people who want my autograph or want to take pictures of myself. As such I do not want to answer to this question at loud. Having said that, I have no intention of changing what I said earlier at this point in time. But, I would like to observe the game well in a quiet environment if possible.

(Are there any instructions you want to give in terms of Tatsuya Tanaka’s situation?)
I have a great respect in what the team doctor’s of the national team does. I have no intention of giving any instructions to the doctor directly. As our team doctor communicates well with the national team’s doctor, I ascertain and exchange information through our team doctor. I think it is important to entrust the specific matter to the specialists, doctors of the national team and our team.