After finishing today’s training session - Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after finishing today’s training session
(How do you prepare for the match against Kyoto Sanga F.C.?)
(We do not have special training specifically targeted for the match against Kyoto Sanga F.C. We were working on training programs, which were for recovering from the previous match as well as for other purposes until today. During the day off tomorrow, I will watch footage of Kyoto Sanga F.C. to prepare our team from Thursday for the match they have against them. I collect much recorded footage of different football teams including Kyoto Sanga F.C. and I watch them very carefully during my days off. However, as I still do not know about every J. League team, I try to watch and read as much as possible during my days off so that I can ascertain as much information as possible about our opponent teams. I cannot comment about Kyoto Sanga F.C. in details at the moment. But, I am certainly aware of the fact that they were leading the last match they had against Kashima 1 to O until right before the end of the game. In this sense, I regard the team to be excellent.

(Genki Haraguchi and Ryuta Tsuzuki were not participating in the afternoon training session.)
As for Genki, as he was hit by a ball in the head from a short distance during the morning training session, I made the decision that it would be best for him to have the afternoon off. In regards to Tsuzuki, as he had a private matter to attend, he had the afternoon off upon our previous conversation regarding this. In my opinion, I should certainly release players from attending training sessions when they have some private matter to attend like he did.

(Haraguchi and Naoki Yamada have been selected to be the members of U-20 national team training camp members.)
Even though they are one of the national team training camp members, they are not national team members. Maybe the media has more detailed information than I do.

(What do you think about the fact that Team Manager Takeshi Okada will be managing their training?)
Personally, I do not want to make a big comment about this. I would like to maintain good communication with the Japan Football Association in a positive way as much as possible. I would like to establish a good solid relationship with the association by exchanging information. However, based on the information I have, it seems as though the training camp has been set up just for young players despite the fact that the association wanted to have the training camp with real national team players. This is because the association would not be able to get players who are playing for overseas clubs as well as those who are playing for the ACL matches. Perhaps, the accommodation as well as the training venues might have been organized way in advance. In this sense, I do not regard the national team’s camp this time as a training camp in real sense. I do not want to make a comment on our two young players who have been called by the national team any further.
Another point I recognized this time was that the national team camp information and the names of the players who would be summoned for the camp training were released in several newspapers a few days before our club received the official information. If I will be able to speak a little more Japanese in the future, I will contact newspaper companies to get the latest information.

(We have the impression that the front defense of the team is functioning better this season. Is this what you intended for the team to archive during training?)
Fundamentally speaking, it is important for the team to have an aggressive defense. One of our objectives is to retain the ball in our opponent side of the pitch as much as possible. If we can retain the ball in this way, it is possible for us to handle the ball away from our side of the pitch. When all ten field players who will play on the pitch understand this and will be able to defend the team in collaboration, we can defend our team aggressively. We will not be pushed into difficult positions and can get the ball back away from our goal. In our previous match against Nagoya, our ball retention rate was 58 percent. Even though it was an away match for us, our ball retaliation rate was higher than that of our opponent team. I think this was a sign that our team is developing well and going in the right direction. This is my answer to the question.

(What was your intention of introducing Haraguchi in the match against Nagoya Grampus to replace Tatsuya Tanaka who was injured?)
Of course, it was possible to put another player in. However, considering the play style of Edmilson as well as Ponte who was playing particularly well on the day, I thought Haraguchi would be the best option for the team. That was why, I introduced Haraguchi.

(What do you mean by their play style?)
As you know, Edmilson has excellent physical ability. Ponte is capable of playing both as an aggressive mid fielder as well as an attacking player. By judging how they were playing on the day, I thought Haraguchi was our best option. That being said, same players may choose to play differently on a different day. It all depends on how the team plays on the day of a match.

(When you change players, you seem to replace players with more aggressive players. Is it because you intend to have an aggressive defense?)
That is not really true. In order to have an aggressive defense, it is necessary for the offensive players to have good stamina. As all my players are aware, it is important for players in the offensive positions to share their loads. It is not so easy to change defense players. However, in regards to offensive players, they may get extremely worn out if they play really hard for the team for 60 to 70 minutes. It will be a benefit for the team to replace offensive players at that timing. When we change offensive players, they can play well in defense as well. This will lead to a good defense of the team as a whole. For this reason, I would like to continue to share the load among players in offensive positions actively in the future.

(How is Tukasa Umesaki recovering?)
It will take him a long time. He has just taken the first step. I am sure you are all aware that he went through an operation. Please assume that it will still take some time for him to recover. Certainly, I was told that the operation went successfully. I am also aware of the fact that he is working on his rehabilitation training really hard so that he can recover. However, it is not like he can recover really soon such as just working on some adjustment for four weeks or so. It will still take a long time. Depending on the situation, it may take several months before he can join team training. He is still young and very talented. I wish for his return to team training after working hard on his rehabilitation program.

(What do you think of the fact that the Japan Football Association is holding a training camp for young players even though no tournament will be held?)
Please understand that I do not want to make much comment on this in public.
What is important here is that I can establish a good relationship with the association in the future through solid communication with the Team Manager of the national team.
As this is the case, I will not speak any more about the camp training in public regardless whether it will be a positive comment or not.
I think it is important for the J. League and the association to cooperate well with each other for the development of Japanese football in the future. If we have a strong national team, it will also be good for the development of the J. League. When the level of the J. League improves, it will strengthen the national team as well. It is necessary for both the J. League and the association to continue to work well together.
However, if any concerned parties working here want to express some kind of opinions or have different opinions, it is necessary for us to communicate directly. If we communicate through the media, we will have misunderstandings. In order for both of us to benefit from each other, it will be best for us to communicate about various issues directly with each other.