ACL 2008 SF1 vs Gamba Osaka   

AFC Champions League 2008 SF 1st leg,8 October 2008 19:00 Kick off at Expo ’70 Commemorative Stadium

Match Result
Gamba Osaka (1-1) Urawa Reds

Goals:22min HOSOGAI, 81min ENDO(PK)(G Osaka)


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
It was a very aggressive, speedy and fantastic game. Today’s game was the 8th game both of us played after a series of games we played. Considering this was the case, having today’s aggressiveness and the speed was very good. We had a very good start to the game and we were able to play the game just as we had envisaged in our game plan during the first half of the game. We managed to score one goal as well. However, since there were a few opportunities of attempting counter attacks, it would have been better if we had been able to make the score 2 to 0. In the second half of the game, our team players kept the good defensive. Obviously, the opponent did not want to finish the game with the score of 0 to 1. For this reason, it would have been better if they could have defended themselves in a calmer manner or have attempted a counter kick goal against us. I am not sure about the penalty kick, but looking back at the 90 minute game, finishing the game with the result of 1 to 1 was a reasonable outcome for us. What was most important was that we were able to score one goal. Even though it will be difficult to aim for 0 to 0 in the second match, this is definitely a small positive encouragement for us. It was a little regretful about the yellow card situation. However, as we have good players in the bench today as well, I am sure we can cover the loss.

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