A wish to see many spectators with positive mindsets-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the J. League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup qualifying round first sec against Jubilo Iwata

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke
Even though it has only been a few days since the last match, I think we have been able to have a highly intensive practice program. The Yamazaki Nabisco Cup will be a very important match for us. Now that we will be playing in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, we will have to play three different matches this week. Under such a situation, many members this year have had to challenge themselves to prove themselves among other members in order for us to be in good condition. For this reason, I would like to have the strongest team as possible on the pitch this week.
However, some players find it very difficult to play in three matches a week.例えば、For example, let me reveal the name of Tatsuya Tanaka. I am very content with his recent performance. But, at the same time, I must say that what is necessary for him right now is to have the condition in which he can play the full 90 minutes of a World Cup match. When he is continuously working to strengthen his stamina with this in mind, I do not think it is the right thing for me to forcefully make him play in three matches a week. Since we have been working with him in such a positive way this year, I assume he will again be playing in this weekend’s match against Shonan Bellmare as one of the starting line up members. As such, I would like to make sure that he will be able to continue to strengthen his stamina in a positive manner.
I would also like to say to our spectators to come to the stadium with a positive mindset. Many well known players such as Shunki Takahashi who was one of the main players last year will be playing in tomorrow’s match, not to mention those players whose performances many people have not had many chances to see yet. Shunsuke Tsutsumi will also join the team after a long absence. I think Tsutsumi will be able to play in many matches as part of the Reds team from now on. He was away from the team for a long time due to his injury. However, his condition is improving as he has been working well during training since the beginning of this year. I cannot say that he is fully recovered yet. However, it is true that he is nearly back to the condition he was in before he was badly injured.
I can also say that Spiranovic will also play in tomorrow’s match as part of the team. He has a goal to achieve which is to play in the World Cup held in South Africa. In order for him to be selected to be the member of the Australian National Team, it is necessary for him to play in matches. I think he will be feeling positively pressured as the team manager of the Australian National Team will be watching him in the stadium. Tomorrow’s match will be filled with many interesting aspects to watch. As this is the case, I hope to see many people in the stadium tomorrow to cheer the Urawa Reds.

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