19.03.30 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
19.03.16 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
19.03.09 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
19.03.02 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
19.02.22 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
19.02.15 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.12.08 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.11.24 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.11.10 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.11.02 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.10.20 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.10.13 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.10.06 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.09.29 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.09.22 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.09.14 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.09.08 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.09.01 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.08.25 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.08.18 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.08.11 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.08.04 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.07.28 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.07.15 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.06.08 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
18.06.02 [TEAM] Press Conference – Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira
17.02.11 [TEAM] Training Camp roundup – Team Manager Mischa
17.01.15 [TEAM] Starting the 2017 season – Team Manager Mischa
12.12.01 [TEAM] Team Manager Michael Petrović will temporarily return to his country
11.10.20 [TEAM] Appointment of Youth Team Captain Takafumi Hori to the top team’s team manager position
11.10.20 [TEAM] Termination of the contracts with Team Manager Petrovic and Head Coach Bogers
11.07.08 [TEAM] We truly wish to overcome the challenges we are facing right now-General Manager Hashiratani
11.07.02 [TEAM] Ranko Despotovic to join Urawa Reds
11.06.01 [TEAM] We will fight together as one for our victory-comment from General Manager Hashiratan
11.03.18 [TEAM] Urawa Reds donate to earthquake victims
11.03.16 [TEAM] Players and staff participate in fund-raising campaign for earthquake victims
11.02.28 [TEAM] We will do our best for Saitama City
11.02.25 [TEAM] Petrovic and Suzuki participate in 2011 J.League Kick-off Conference
11.02.19 [TEAM] Kojima to play for Japan high school selected team
11.02.15 [TEAM] Ibusuki training camp finishes
11.02.10 [TEAM] Japan high school selected team
11.02.10 [TEAM] Exhortation Ceremony for Ibusuki Training Camp
11.02.08 [TEAM] Ibusuki Training Camp starts
11.02.08 [TEAM] Urawa Reds receives a warm welcome ceremony at Kagoshima Airport
11.02.06 [TEAM] Three players participated in an advance sales event for Red’s yearbook and DVD
11.02.05 [TEAM] I feel that our team is getting better-Team Manager Petrovic
11.02.04 [TEAM] Urawa Reds Appreciation Party
11.02.04 [TEAM] Reds Ladies 2011 season captain, vice captain and numbers!
11.02.02 [TEAM] TV Saitama hosted 2011 Urawa Reds pep rally
11.02.02 [TEAM] Retiring Reds Ladies players
11.02.01 [TEAM] Red Diamonds Supporters’ Club host pep rally
11.02.01 [TEAM] Press conference about the pre-season match against Tochigi Soccer Club
11.02.01 [TEAM] Courtesy visit to Saitama Prefecture office
11.01.30 [TEAM] We had a good start at the Miyazaki training camp-General Manager Hashiratani
11.01.30 [TEAM] 3 Ladies players as guest coaches at soccer festival
11.01.29 [TEAM] Mazzolla joins Reds on loan
11.01.28 [TEAM] Ryota Tsuzuki decides to retire
11.01.27 [TEAM] Courtesy visit to Miyazaki City Government Office and Miyazaki Prefectural Government Office
11.01.27 [TEAM] Keita Suzuki becomes Captain and Tadaaki Hirakawa becomes Vice Captain
11.01.23 [TEAM] Miyazaki training camp starts!
11.01.23 [TEAM] We will work everyday with an aim-Team Manager Petrovic
11.01.23 [TEAM] Urawa Reds arrives at Miyazaki Prefecture, receiving a warm welcome ceremony at the airport
11.01.22 [TEAM] Hirakawa, Tsuboi and Horinouchi participated in talk show
11.01.20 [TEAM] Noda, Tsutsumi and Okamoto express their goals for the 2011 season
11.01.20 [TEAM] Squad numbers for all players in 2011 season are as follows:
11.01.20 [TEAM] We must play the type of soccer which is deserving of its big name-comment from Team Manager Petrovic
11.01.19 [TEAM] Four new Urawa Reds players pledge their devotion to the club!
11.01.19 [TEAM] Masato Hashimoto to join V Varen Nagasaki
11.01.19 [TEAM] 2011 Season Jersey
11.01.19 [TEAM] 2011 season top partner
11.01.19 [TEAM] The 2011 Season-Coaching Staff
11.01.18 [TEAM] We will give our 100 percent with passion-comment from Team Manager Petrovic
11.01.18 [TEAM] Sergio becomes 1-day station master at Hon-Kawagoe station
11.01.16 [TEAM] “JA Rice Sports Seminar”
11.01.16 [TEAM] Arrival of Team Manager Petrovic
11.01.15 [TEAM] Before starting the 2011 Season-comment from General Manager Hashiratani
11.01.15 [TEAM] 3 Ladies players participated in soccer festival
11.01.14 [TEAM] Contract with Ryota Tsuzuki expires
11.01.13 [TEAM] Urawa Reds policy for the 2011 Season
11.01.12 [TEAM] Kazuki Hara to join Reds
11.01.09 [TEAM] Kato and Takahashi participated in “Yume no kakehashi (bridges of dreams)” Soccer School
11.01.08 [TEAM] Four players participated in the J:COM Soccer School
11.01.07 [TEAM] Japan U-22 national team
10.12.29 [TEAM] Spiranovic called up to play for Australia in the Asian Cup
10.12.29 [TEAM] Satoshi Horinouchi’s injury
10.12.28 [TEAM] General overview of the 2010 season
10.12.27 [TEAM] Fukuda coach Birthday
10.12.26 [TEAM] Last day of the 2010 season
10.12.26 [TEAM] Japan national team training camp participants
10.12.24 [TEAM] Japan national team
10.12.23 [TEAM] Hajime Hosogai transfers to Turn und Sportverein Bayer 04 Leverkusen
10.12.23 [TEAM] Yoshiya Nishizawa transfers to Tochigi SC
10.12.22 [TEAM] Jun Aoyama joins Reds
10.12.18 [TEAM] Interview with President Hashimoto and General Manager Hashiratani
10.12.17 [TEAM] Neitzel coach Birthday
10.12.15 [TEAM] Kashiwagi’s Birthday
10.12.11 [TEAM] Koji Noda returns to Reds
10.12.11 [TEAM] Kato’s Birthday
10.12.10 [TEAM] Mitsuru Nagata to join Reds
10.12.09 [TEAM] Renewed contract with Spiranovic
10.12.08 [TEAM] Shunsuke Tsutsumi returns to Reds
10.12.08 [TEAM] Marcio Richardes joins Reds
10.12.07 [TEAM] Team structure for the 2011 season
10.12.07 [TEAM] Mr Zeljko Petrovic assumes the position of new Team Manager
10.12.06 [TEAM] 4 personnel from Reds attended the J.League Awards
10.12.06 [TEAM] Expiry of Sanou’s loan period
10.12.06 [TEAM] Yusuke Hayashi transfers to Thespa Kusatsu
10.12.06 [TEAM] Takuya Nagata on loan to Thespa Kusatsu
10.12.05 [TEAM] Edmilson awarded J.League Excellent Player
10.12.02 [TEAM] 3 Reds Ladies players pay a courtesy visit to city hall
10.12.01 [TEAM] Otsuki coach Birthday
10.11.30 [TEAM] Contract with Masato Hashimoto
10.11.29 [TEAM] Going a separate way from Team Manager Finke
10.11.28 [TEAM] 4 players visit Red Voltage
10.11.27 [TEAM] Tatsuya’s Birthday
10.11.21 [TEAM] Takasaki and Kashiwagi talk show
10.11.19 [TEAM] Contract with Robson Ponte
10.11.18 [TEAM] “Sports for Peace!” at Ohara
10.11.11 [TEAM] Schedule of Nadeshiko Japan in Asian Games
10.11.09 [TEAM] Schedule of All Japan Women’s Football Championship
10.11.06 [TEAM] 4 Ladies players participate in 2010 Urawa Soccer Tree Ceremony
10.11.06 [TEAM] Ponte’s Birthday
10.11.04 [TEAM] 4 players visit elementary school to interact with students
10.11.03 [TEAM] 2010 Plenus Nadeshiko League Award Ceremony
10.11.03 [TEAM] Comment on the current situation from General Manager Hashiratani
10.10.29 [TEAM] Reds Ladies express their enthusiasm for the last game at Saitama University
10.10.26 [TEAM] Horinouchi’s Birthday
10.10.04 [TEAM] Sanou called up for Burkina Faso
10.09.30 [TEAM] Japan National Team
10.09.27 [TEAM] Spiranovic’s Injury
10.09.27 [TEAM] Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women’s National Team)
10.09.21 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
10.09.17 [TEAM] We would like to score three points by winning the home match
10.09.16 [TEAM] Tsuboi’s Birthday
10.09.15 [TEAM] Edmilson’s Birthday
10.09.13 [TEAM] Shuto Kojima (Maebashi Ikuei High School) to join Reds
10.09.13 [TEAM] Shuto Kojima shares his feelings
10.09.12 [TEAM] After playing the match against F.C. Tokyo-Team Manager Finke
10.09.10 [TEAM] Rintaro Yajima of Youth to be registered in first team
10.09.10 [TEAM] Nobuhisa Yamada’s Birthday
10.09.08 [TEAM] Nagata’s Birthday
10.09.07 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
10.09.06 [TEAM] We would like to prepare ourselves well for the match against F.C. Tokyo
10.09.03 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
10.09.01 [TEAM] Yuki Abe expresses his appreciation to Urawa Reds and his determination to do well in Leicester England
10.09.01 [TEAM] Escudero’s Birthday
10.08.31 [TEAM] Yuki Abe transfers to England
10.08.27 [TEAM] Japan National Team
10.08.25 [TEAM] Spiranovic and Sanou to play for their countries
10.08.12 [TEAM] Takuya Okamoto to be promoted to the first team
10.08.11 [TEAM] Japan U-19 national team
10.07.25 [TEAM] Tanko coach Birthday
10.07.23 [TEAM] Naohiro Takahara moves to Suwon Samsung Bluewings
10.07.17 [TEAM] Japan U-19 national team
10.07.16 [TEAM] Yoshiya Nishizawa transfers to Thespa Kusatsu on loan
10.07.13 [TEAM] Abe receives Sainokuni Sports Distinguished Award
10.07.13 [TEAM] Abe received Saitama City Sports Special Distinguished Award
10.07.08 [TEAM] Keita’s Birthday
10.07.04 [TEAM] Naoki Yamada’s Birthday
10.06.27 [TEAM] Nadeshiko League against INAC
10.06.27 [TEAM] Spiranovic’s Birthday
10.06.21 [TEAM] Training starts in Austria
10.06.20 [TEAM] The team arrived in Austria safely
10.06.19 [TEAM] Departing for Austrian Camp!
10.06.18 [TEAM] Ryota Tsuzuki transfer to Shonan
10.06.18 [TEAM] Okamoto’s Birthday
10.06.13 [TEAM] Shunsuke Tsutsumi transfer to Roasso Kumamoto
10.06.13 [TEAM] Nishizawa’s Birthday
10.06.11 [TEAM] Comment from General Manager Hashiratani – We are to prepare ourselves well for the remaining 22 league matches
10.06.10 [TEAM] Hosogai’s Birthday
10.06.08 [TEAM] Tsutsumi’s Birthday
10.06.05 [TEAM] Austria camp
10.06.04 [TEAM] Takahara’s Birthday
10.05.18 [TEAM] Hamada’s Birthday
10.05.17 [TEAM] Yamagishi’s Birthday
10.05.16 [TEAM] We are to pursue good results, content and fair play.
10.05.14 [TEAM] Renewing Ponte’s contract-fighting together with the number 10 uniform
10.05.13 [TEAM] Japan U-21 National Team
10.05.13 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
10.05.12 [TEAM] Japan’s List of Registered Players
10.05.11 [TEAM] Yuki Abe’s courtesy visit to Saitama city hall and Saitama prefectural government office
10.05.10 [TEAM] Abe’s determination for South Africa
10.05.10 [TEAM] Japan National Team for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
10.05.09 [TEAM] With regards to Faisal contract
10.05.04 [TEAM] Takahashi’s Birthday
10.05.01 [TEAM] Hirakawa’s Birthday
10.04.19 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
10.04.18 [TEAM] Tsuzuki’s Birthday
10.04.08 [TEAM] Otani’s Birthday
10.03.29 [TEAM] Japan National Team
10.03.24 [TEAM] Volker Finke Team Manager birthday
10.03.23 [TEAM] Ugajin’s Birthday
10.03.17 [TEAM] Takasaki’s Birthday
10.03.16 [TEAM] 5 consecutive wins after opening game victory at home stadium
10.03.16 [TEAM] Sanou’s Birthday
10.03.02 [TEAM] Talk on Together 2010
10.03.02 [TEAM] Umesaki Excited about his return
10.02.26 [TEAM] 2010 J.League Kick-off Conference
10.02.25 [TEAM] Japan National Team
10.02.23 [TEAM] Umesaki’s Birthday
10.02.20 [TEAM] A most fulfilling camp and the desire for a good preseason match.
10.02.20 [TEAM] Ibusuki training camp finishes
10.02.20 [TEAM] Ibusuki camp training photo report for 19 February
10.02.19 [TEAM] GM Hashiratani visits Kagoshima prefectural office
10.02.19 [TEAM] Ibusuki camp training photo report for 18 February
10.02.18 [TEAM] Suzuki to captain Reds
10.02.18 [TEAM] Ibusuki camp training photo report for 17 February
10.02.17 [TEAM] Ibusuki camp training photo report for 16 February
10.02.15 [TEAM] Ibusuki camp joint pep ceremony
10.02.15 [TEAM] Ibusuki camp training photo report for 14 February
10.02.14 [TEAM] Ibusuki training camp starts!
10.02.14 [TEAM] The team arrives in Kagoshima Prefecture
10.02.11 [TEAM] Start of the second training camp in Ibusuki, Kagoshima
10.02.10 [TEAM] Donation for Haiti earthquake victims
10.02.07 [TEAM] Reds Festa Opening Ceremony
10.02.05 [TEAM] Japan Women’s National Team
10.02.03 [TEAM] Japan National Team
10.02.03 [TEAM] 2010 Jersey Numbers decided!
10.02.02 [TEAM] TV Saitama Hosts 2010 Urawa Reds Encouragement Party
10.02.02 [TEAM] FamilyMart Big Bite Sushi Presentation Ceremony
10.02.02 [TEAM] Sanou expresses his determination in joining Urawa Reds
10.02.01 [TEAM] Attending the pep party held by the Red Diamonds supporters group
10.02.01 [TEAM] Wilfried Sanou officially joins Reds
10.02.01 [TEAM] Tsuchida GK coach birthday
10.01.31 [TEAM] Abe’s play Inspires Reds
10.01.31 [TEAM] Wilfried Sanou arrives in Japan!
10.01.30 [TEAM] Message from Yuki Abe
10.01.30 [TEAM] Yuki Abe renews his contract
10.01.25 [TEAM] The last foreigner for Reds this year
10.01.25 [TEAM] Wilfried Sanou to Join Reds
10.01.24 [TEAM] Team returns back to Urawa safely after finishing Miyazaki training camp
10.01.23 [TEAM] Hayashi’s Birthday
10.01.22 [TEAM] Miyazaki camp training photo report for 21 January
10.01.21 [TEAM] Hajime Hosogai on Saitama City poster
10.01.21 [TEAM] Miyazaki camp training photo report for 20 January
10.01.20 [TEAM] Miyazaki camp training photo report for 19 January
10.01.19 [TEAM] Miyazaki camp training photo report for 18 January
10.01.18 [TEAM] Miyazaki camp training photo report for 17 January
10.01.17 [TEAM] Miyazaki camp training photo report for 16 January
10.01.16 [TEAM] Miyazaki camp training photo report for 15 January
10.01.15 [TEAM] Miyazaki training camp starts
10.01.14 [TEAM] Matthew Spiranovic expresses his determination in joining Urawa Reds
10.01.13 [TEAM] Japan National Team
10.01.13 [TEAM] Interview with Yosuke Kashiwagi-What is behind the decision he made to transfer to Urawa.
10.01.12 [TEAM] Matthew Spiranovic arrives in Japan!!
10.01.12 [TEAM] Information on Miyazaki Training Camp
10.01.11 [TEAM] Hiroyuki Takasaki and Tomoya Ugajin express their strong determination upon their return to Urawa Reds.
10.01.11 [TEAM] Praying for Victory
10.01.10 [TEAM] Nagata and Haraguchi participate in Reds soccer school
10.01.09 [TEAM] Yosuke Kashiwagi expresses his determination during a press conference
10.01.09 [TEAM] Keita and Hosogai participate in JA Rice Sports Seminar
10.01.09 [TEAM] Naoki Yamada’s Examination in Japan
10.01.08 [TEAM] Press conference by Koichi Hashiratani, General Manger in charge of team reinforcement
10.01.08 [TEAM] Morass coach Birthday
10.01.07 [TEAM] A Center Back to Join Reds
10.01.07 [TEAM] Spiranovic to Join Reds
10.01.07 [TEAM] Naoki Yamada Injured during International Match
09.12.29 [TEAM] Press conference by Kozue Ando about her transfer to Duisburg
09.12.28 [TEAM] Kozue Ando to Move to FCR 2001 Duisburg
09.12.27 [TEAM] Fukuda coach Birthday
09.12.25 [TEAM] Hiroyuki Takasaki Returns
09.12.25 [TEAM] Junki Koike Moves to Mito HollyHock
09.12.24 [TEAM] Tulio Moves to Nagoya Grampus
09.12.22 [TEAM] Tsuzuki Participates in Internship Program
09.12.22 [TEAM] Tetsushi Kondo Makes a Permanent Move to Fagiano Okayama
09.12.21 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.12.17 [TEAM] Neitzel coach Birthday
09.12.15 [TEAM] Press conference by Team Manager Finke
09.12.15 [TEAM] Yosuke Kashiwagi to Join Reds
09.12.12 [TEAM] Contract with Tulio
09.12.11 [TEAM] Extension of Koji Noda’s Loan
09.12.11 [TEAM] Kato’s Birthday
09.12.10 [TEAM] Japan U-20 National Team
09.12.09 [TEAM] End of the 2009 Season Schedule
09.12.08 [TEAM] Expiry of contract with Takafumi Akahoshi
09.12.07 [TEAM] 2009 J.Leuage Awards
09.12.07 [TEAM] Masato Hashimoto moves to Tochigi SC on loan
09.12.01 [TEAM] Otsuki coach Birthday
09.11.29 [TEAM] Nadeshiko League 2009 Award Ceremony
09.11.29 [TEAM] Plenus Nadeshiko League 2009 Award Ceremony
09.11.27 [TEAM] Tatsuya’s Birthday
09.11.22 [TEAM] Japan U-20 National Team
09.11.20 [TEAM] A-type Influenza Case
09.11.19 [TEAM] Tsukasa Umesaki’s Injury
09.11.14 [TEAM] Result of Training Match
09.11.14 [TEAM] A-type Influenza Case
09.11.07 [TEAM] A-type Influenza Case
09.11.06 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.11.06 [TEAM] Ponte’s Birthday
09.11.04 [TEAM] Kondo’s Birthday
09.10.30 [TEAM] Japan Women’s National Team
09.10.28 [TEAM] Reds Ladies Pay Courtesy Visit to Saitama Prefectural Office
09.10.26 [TEAM] Horinouchi’s Birthday
09.10.21 [TEAM] Tomoya Ugajin of RKU to Join Reds
09.10.19 [TEAM] Tulio Presented Book for Children
09.10.14 [TEAM] Reds Ladies Pay Courtesy Visit to City Office
09.10.12 [TEAM] Reds Ladies Visits Red Voltage
09.10.12 [TEAM] Hashimoto’s Birthday
09.10.11 [TEAM] Reds Ladies Winning Press Conference
09.10.09 [TEAM] Reds Ladies Press Conference
09.10.01 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.09.16 [TEAM] Tsuboi’s Birthday
09.09.15 [TEAM] Edmilson’s Birthday
09.09.10 [TEAM] Nobuhisa Yamada’s Birthday
09.09.08 [TEAM] Nagata’s Birthday
09.09.06 [TEAM] Abe’s Birthday
09.09.04 [TEAM] Japan U-18 National Team News
09.09.01 [TEAM] Escudero’s Birthday
09.08.28 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.08.27 [TEAM] Press Conference for Faisal Mohammed
09.08.27 [TEAM] Faisal Mohammed Joins Urawa Reds
09.08.25 [TEAM] Tomoya Ugajin, New Registered Player for Urawa Reds
09.08.25 [TEAM] Voting Before Lower House Election Day
09.08.08 [TEAM] Result of JOMO CUP 2009
09.08.04 [TEAM] Tulio and Naoki Yamada Withdraw from JOMO CUP
09.08.03 [TEAM] Alex to Move to Nagoya Grampus
09.07.25 [TEAM] Tanko coach Birthday
09.07.23 [TEAM] Japan U-20 National Team
09.07.23 [TEAM] Koji Noda to Go on Loan to Fagiano Okayama
09.07.20 [TEAM] Alex’s Birthday
09.07.16 [TEAM] Japan U-19 Women’s National Team
09.07.08 [TEAM] Keita’s Birthday
09.07.06 [TEAM] Genki Haraguchi Not Participating in Japan U-18 National Selection
09.07.06 [TEAM] Jomo Cup 2009 Players
09.07.04 [TEAM] Naoki Yamada’s Birthday
09.06.30 [TEAM] Akahoshi to Go on Loan to Montedio Yamagata
09.06.17 [TEAM] Japan U-15 National Team
09.06.17 [TEAM] Japan U-19 Women’s National Team
09.06.17 [TEAM] Japan Women’s National Team for Universiade
09.06.13 [TEAM] Nishizawa’s Birthday
09.06.10 [TEAM] Hosogai’s Birthday
09.06.08 [TEAM] Tsutsumi’s Birthday
09.06.04 [TEAM] Takahara’s Birthday
09.05.27 [TEAM] Akahoshi’s Birthday
09.05.21 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.05.21 [TEAM] U-20 Japan’s Eight
09.05.19 [TEAM] Yanagita Not Participating Japan Women’s National Team
09.05.18 [TEAM] Japan U-18 National Team
09.05.18 [TEAM] Nadeshiko Japan Team (Japan Women’s National Team)
09.05.18 [TEAM] Hamada’s Birthday
09.05.17 [TEAM] Yamagishi’s Birthday
09.05.17 [TEAM] Japan Women’s U-19 National Team
09.05.09 [TEAM] Haraguchi’s Birthday
09.05.04 [TEAM] Takahashi’s Birthday
09.05.01 [TEAM] Hirakawa’s Birthday
09.04.24 [TEAM] Tulio’s Birthday
09.04.20 [TEAM] Naoki Yamada Withdraws from Japan U-20 Camp
09.04.18 [TEAM] Jounetsu Tairiku on TBS
09.04.18 [TEAM] Tsuzuki’s Birthday
09.04.14 [TEAM] Japan U-20 National Team
09.04.08 [TEAM] Otani’s Birthday
09.04.06 [TEAM] Plenus Nadeshiko League Opening Press Conference
09.03.24 [TEAM] Volker Finke Team Manager birthday
09.03.19 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.03.17 [TEAM] Message from Rod Stewart
09.02.27 [TEAM] 2009 J.League Kick-Off Conference
09.02.26 [TEAM] Team Returns from Kagoshima
09.02.23 [TEAM] Umesaki’s Birthday
09.02.20 [TEAM] New Team Captain
09.02.19 [TEAM] Ibusuki City Tourism Association Encouragement Ceremony
09.02.17 [TEAM] Team Arrives Kagoshima Airport
09.02.13 [TEAM] Ibusuki Training Camp
09.02.06 [TEAM] TV Saitama Hosts 2009 Urawa Reds Encouragement Party
09.02.04 [TEAM] Red Diamonds Supporters’ Association Hosts Encouragement Party
09.02.01 [TEAM] 6 Attend J.League Training Seminar for New Players
09.02.01 [TEAM] Tsuchida GK coach birthday
09.01.31 [TEAM] The11th Saishin Soccer School
09.01.30 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.01.30 [TEAM] Contract agreement with Genki Haraguchi (Urawa Reds Youth)
09.01.29 [TEAM] Hideki Uchidate retires as a professional player and joins club staff
09.01.26 [TEAM] Final day at Miyazaki training camp-Team Manager Finke
09.01.26 [TEAM] Safe arrival back from the Miyazaki training camp
09.01.24 [TEAM] Information on Second Training Camp
09.01.23 [TEAM] Hayashi’s Birthday
09.01.21 [TEAM] Japan National Team
09.01.17 [TEAM] Yuki Abe joins Japan National Team Training
09.01.17 [TEAM] Yuki Abe is leaving the national team training camp halfway
09.01.16 [TEAM] Safe arrival of team in Miyazaki
09.01.14 [TEAM] Training camp in Miyazaki
09.01.12 [TEAM] First day for Team Manager Finke
09.01.12 [TEAM] Marcus Tulio Tanaka
09.01.12 [TEAM] Praying for Victory
09.01.12 [TEAM] Jersey Numbers for 2009 Season
09.01.12 [TEAM] Contract with Takahito Soma
09.01.11 [TEAM] New Players’ Press Conference
09.01.10 [TEAM] First Team Coaching Staff Press Conference
09.01.10 [TEAM] 5 Players Participate in Soccer School
09.01.10 [TEAM] First Team Coaching Staff
09.01.07 [TEAM] Yuichiro Nagai Moves to Shimizu S-Pulse
08.12.27 [TEAM] Fukuda coach Birthday
08.12.26 [TEAM] Kenta Tokushige Moves to Vissel Kobe
08.12.24 [TEAM] Junki Koike Moves to Thespa Kusatsu
08.12.24 [TEAM] Hiroyuki Takasaki Moves to Mito Holly Hock
08.12.24 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.12.23 [TEAM] Takafumi Akahoshi Returns from Loan
08.12.22 [TEAM] 2008 J.League Awards
08.12.22 [TEAM] Kazuya Sakamoto Moves to Fagiano Okayama
08.12.11 [TEAM] Kato’s Birthday
08.12.10 [TEAM] Soma’s Birthday
08.12.09 [TEAM] Shunsuke Oyama’s Permanent Move to Ehime FC
08.12.06 [TEAM] Retirement of Team Manager Gert Engels
08.12.03 [TEAM] Japan National Team Candidates
08.12.02 [TEAM] Edmilson’s Suspension
08.12.01 [TEAM] Otsuki coach Birthday
08.11.30 [TEAM] Plenus Nadeshiko League 2008 Awards Ceremony
08.11.27 [TEAM] Tatsuya’s Birthday
08.11.26 [TEAM] Contract with Masayuki Okano and Hideki Uchidate
08.11.14 [TEAM] Hosogai, Yanagita, Ando and Yano Receive Sports Merit Award
08.11.09 [TEAM] Ryota Tsuzuki Called Up for Japan
08.11.06 [TEAM] Additional of new Team Management Staff
08.11.06 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.11.06 [TEAM] Ponte’s Birthday
08.11.05 [TEAM] Hajime Hosogai’s Suspension
08.11.04 [TEAM] Kondo’s Birthday
08.10.26 [TEAM] Shunki Takahashi Not Playing for Japan U-19
08.10.26 [TEAM] Horinouchi’s Birthday
08.10.15 [TEAM] Home Town Booth for Japan National Games
08.10.14 [TEAM] Okano Participate JFA Heart Project
08.10.12 [TEAM] Hashimoto’s Birthday
08.10.07 [TEAM] Koji Noda to Join Reds
08.10.04 [TEAM] Ikeda coach Birthday
08.10.02 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
08.09.29 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.09.25 [TEAM] Change of Training Schedule
08.09.24 [TEAM] Ladies Players Participate in Road Safety Campaign
08.09.23 [TEAM] Ladies Players Join Event against Groping
08.09.20 [TEAM] Change of Training Schedule
08.09.18 [TEAM] Return from Kuwait
08.09.16 [TEAM] Tsuboi’s Birthday
08.09.15 [TEAM] First Training in Kuwait
08.09.15 [TEAM] Arrival at Kuwait
08.09.15 [TEAM] Edmilson’s Birthday
08.09.14 [TEAM] Reds Leave for Kuwait
08.09.11 [TEAM] ACL 2008 Registered Players
08.09.10 [TEAM] Yamada’s Birthday
08.09.08 [TEAM] Japanese Teams Participating in ACL Hold Joint Press Conference
08.09.06 [TEAM] Abe’s Birthday
08.09.02 [TEAM] Sakamoto’s Birthday
08.09.01 [TEAM] Escudero’s Birthday
08.08.29 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
08.08.28 [TEAM] Hosogai & Ando To Be Station Masters at SR Summer Festa
08.08.25 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.08.14 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.08.13 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
08.08.02 [TEAM] Result of JOMO CUP 2008
08.07.30 [TEAM] Hajime Hosogai pay courtesy visit to Saitama Prefectural office and Saitama City office
08.07.25 [TEAM] Okano’s Birthday
08.07.23 [TEAM] Japan national team training camp
08.07.20 [TEAM] Alex’s Birthday
08.07.14 [TEAM] Press conference with Hajime Hosogai
08.07.14 [TEAM] Beijing Olympic Japan National Player
08.07.10 [TEAM] Reds Ladies pay courtesy visit to Saitama City office
08.07.09 [TEAM] Ladies soccer players for Beijin Olympics
08.07.08 [TEAM] Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Women’s National Team)
08.07.08 [TEAM] Keita’s Birthday
08.07.07 [TEAM] “JOMO CUP 2008” players
08.07.04 [TEAM] Naoki Yamada’s Birthday
08.07.01 [TEAM] Alex’s injury
08.06.30 [TEAM] Japan U-23 National Team
08.06.28 [TEAM] Aeon Clean Campaign
08.06.24 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
08.06.24 [TEAM] Change of training schedule
08.06.22 [TEAM] End of Yubari, Hokkaido training camp
08.06.17 [TEAM] Start of Training camp in Yubari, Hokkaido
08.06.16 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.06.13 [TEAM] Nishizawa’s Birthday
08.06.10 [TEAM] Hosogai’s Birthday
08.06.09 [TEAM] Training camp in Yubari, Hokkaido
08.06.08 [TEAM] Tsutsumi’s Birthday
08.06.06 [TEAM] Hirose coach Birthday
08.06.05 [TEAM] Japan U-23 National Team
08.06.04 [TEAM] Takahara’s Birthday
08.06.03 [TEAM] Yuki Abe is not playing for the Japan Team
08.05.29 [TEAM] Naohiro Takahara not playing for Japan National Team
08.05.28 [TEAM] Safe Driving Seminar
08.05.28 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.05.23 [TEAM] Genki Haraguchi Promoted from Reds Youth to the first team
08.05.23 [TEAM] Japan U-16 National Team
08.05.22 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team
08.05.17 [TEAM] Yamagishi’s Birthday
08.05.15 [TEAM] U-23 Japan National Team
08.05.15 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.05.11 [TEAM] Koike’s Birthday
08.05.01 [TEAM] Hirakawa’s Birthday
08.04.26 [TEAM] Engels Team Manager Birthday
08.04.25 [TEAM] Takahashi & Yamada from Reds Youth promoted to the first team
08.04.24 [TEAM] Tulio’s Birthday
08.04.18 [TEAM] U-23 Japan National Team
08.04.18 [TEAM] Tsuzuki’s Birthday
08.04.17 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.04.08 [TEAM] Press conference for Plenus Nadeshiko League 2008
08.04.08 [TEAM] Otani’s Birthday
08.04.05 [TEAM] 3 Ladies players visited Red Voltage
08.03.21 [TEAM] Japan U-23 National Team
08.03.17 [TEAM] Takasaki’s Birthday
08.03.16 [TEAM] Contract termination of Holger Osieck
08.03.14 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.03.13 [TEAM] J Satellite League schedule
08.03.12 [TEAM] JA group Saitama “Hakushu Kassai Rice – Big Applause Rice” presentation ceremony
08.03.07 [TEAM] Wallpaper of Hugo Boss 08 suits for 2008 spring and summer
08.03.05 [TEAM] Japan U-19 National Team alternate member
08.02.29 [TEAM] 2008 J.League kick off conference
08.02.28 [TEAM] Support party hosted by Red Diamonds Support Society
08.02.24 [TEAM] Return from Guam camp
08.02.23 [TEAM] Umesaki’s Birthday
08.02.14 [TEAM] Nagai’s Birthday
08.02.12 [TEAM] Commencement of Guam camp
08.02.11 [TEAM] Guam training camp
08.02.09 [TEAM] U-23 Japan National Team
08.02.09 [TEAM] Nonattendance of Japan National Team
08.02.09 [TEAM] Cancellation of training
08.02.08 [TEAM] Message from Keisuke Tsuboi regarding Japan National Team
08.02.08 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.02.04 [TEAM] Reds Ladies commence training
08.02.04 [TEAM] Training commencement for 2008 season
08.02.04 [TEAM] Praying for victory
08.02.02 [TEAM] 4 Reds players attend workshop for new J.League players
08.02.01 [TEAM] Jersey number for 2008 season
08.02.01 [TEAM] Tsuchida GK coach birthday
08.01.31 [TEAM] Alessandro Santos returns to Reds from loan
08.01.30 [TEAM] Shinji Ono completes transfer to VfL Bochum
08.01.26 [TEAM] Tatsuya Tanaka meets with Hiroyuki Nakajima of Seibu Lions
08.01.26 [TEAM] Mitsubishi appreciation event
08.01.26 [TEAM] Talk show at Sports Authority
08.01.26 [TEAM] New players for Reds Ladies
08.01.26 [TEAM] Hiroshi Muramatsu appointed as head coach of Urawa Reds Ladies
08.01.25 [TEAM] Makoto Hasebe completes transfer to VfL Wolfsburg
08.01.23 [TEAM] Japan National Team
08.01.19 [TEAM] 4 Ladies Players Participated WaiWai Exchange Festival
08.01.18 [TEAM] Hasebe’s Birthday
08.01.15 [TEAM] Masahiro Fukuda Appointed as first team coach
08.01.15 [TEAM] Uchidate’s Birthday
08.01.11 [TEAM] TV Asahi “Big Sport Award” Ceremony
08.01.11 [TEAM] Naohiro Takahara Press Conference of Joining Reds
08.01.10 [TEAM] Donating commemorative balls to kindergartens and preschools in Saitama City
08.01.09 [TEAM] Takafumi Akahoshi to Join FC Mito Hollyhock on Loan
07.12.29 [TEAM] Kenta Tokushige extends Vissel Kobe loan
07.12.28 [TEAM] Edmilson Dos Santos Silva to Join Reds
07.12.18 [TEAM] Washington Back to Brazil
07.12.17 [TEAM] Nene Back to Brazil
07.12.09 [TEAM] FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2007 Match3, Official Conference
07.11.13 [TEAM] ACL Final2 / Manager Osieck Official Conference
07.11.07 [TEAM] ACL Final1 Manager Osieck, Official Conference
07.10.13 [TEAM] National Team
07.10.05 [TEAM] U-22 National Team
07.10.02 [TEAM] AFC An official interview of the Holger OSIECK
07.09.18 [TEAM] AFC An official interview of the Holger OSIECK
07.09.01 [TEAM] National Team
07.08.31 [TEAM] U-22 National Team
07.08.20 [TEAM] 2007 Nadeshiko Japan (Japan Woman’s National Team)