10.03.12 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Monthly Red Magazine-“Urawa Reds Magazine”
10.02.28 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Urawa Reds 2010 Kick Off Talk Show
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09.04.08 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Gakken “Tulio”
09.04.05 [ENTERTAINMAINT] 6 Reds Ladies Players Appear in Event
09.04.05 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Ladies 2009 Season Kick-off Event
09.03.28 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Special Present from SKY Perfectv!
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09.03.01 [ENTERTAINMAINT] TD Shinto Appears in Reds Gate Event
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09.02.06 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Takahara in Joint Press Conference
09.01.18 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Guest appearance at the 7th Rice Sports Seminar
09.01.13 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Four team players participated in official partners’ events
09.01.11 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Monthly “Urawa Reds Magazine”
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08.12.30 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Reds Wave “Hideki Uchidate Special Program”
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08.11.22 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Screening of Urawa Reds short movie
08.11.18 [ENTERTAINMAINT] FIFA Football Mundial
08.11.17 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Supporter Futsal Teams Wanted!
08.11.15 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Hosogai and Tashiro Participate in Prefectural Day Talk Event
08.11.14 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Saitama Soccer Fiesta in Komaba
08.11.13 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Hajime Hosogai & Kumiko Tashiro to Participate in Prefectural Day Event
08.11.12 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Monthly “Urawa Reds Magazine”
08.11.09 [ENTERTAINMAINT] 3 Players Participate in Center Event for People with Disabilities
08.11.04 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Tulio Throw Ceremonial First Pitch in Japan Series!
08.10.31 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Tulio to Throw the Opening Pitch for the 3rd Game of the Japan Series!
08.10.21 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Screening of Urawa Reds short movie
08.10.19 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Kondo and Koike Participate in Hatogaya Festival
08.10.18 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Urawa Reds Official Item Catalog, Autumn & Winter 2008!
08.10.17 [ENTERTAINMAINT] REDSWAVE Live Air at South Square
08.10.17 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Screening of Urawa Reds short movie
08.10.12 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Hiroyuki Takasaki Participates in Saitama Festival 2008
08.10.12 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Monthly “Urawa Reds Magazine”
08.10.11 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Uchidate and Horinouchi Attend Soccer Conference
08.10.11 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Reds Gate 1st Year Anniversary Event
08.10.10 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Reds Gate 1st Year Anniversary Event to Be Held
08.10.10 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Change of Special Guest for Saitama Soccer Conference
08.10.06 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Fuji TV Sport!
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08.08.29 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Change of training schedule
08.08.22 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Screening of Urawa Reds short movie
08.08.17 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Hajime Hosogai participate in Yusuzumi festival at Saitama Stadium
08.08.12 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Monthly “Urawa Reds Magazine”
08.08.08 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Screening of Urawa Reds short movie
08.07.22 [ENTERTAINMAINT] “100 years of Saitama Football” exhibition
08.07.22 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Horinouchi & Abe participate in opening pitch ceremony at Seibu dome!
08.07.22 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Change of players participating in the opening pitch ceremony at Seibu dome
08.07.19 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Okano and Horinouchi participate in the opening pitch ceremony at Seibu dome!
08.07.11 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Monthly “Urawa Reds Magazine”
08.06.27 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Reds & DHL Collaboration
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08.03.14 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Nobuhisa Yamada “Hinotama Boy” published
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08.02.21 [ENTERTAINMAINT] Monthly “Urawa Reds Magazine”
07.03.07 [ENTERTAINMAINT] The Saitama Shimbun photo exhibition