3 Players Participate in RedsLand Event  

“RedsLand Christmas Concert” was held at RedsLand Club House on 23rd December and 107 people participated.

At the start of the event, Corporate Planning Deputy General Manager Shuzo Nakamura delivered a speech. Then, Redia & Diarachan, Shunki Takahashi, Mizuki Hamada and Takuya Nagata joined in the event and the audience put their hands together to welcome them. An a cappella club of Saitama University “Chocolets” performed a live concert. It was very enjoyable that the audience and players clapped in rhythm to the music. Takahashi who listened to the performance commented, “I had only seen a cappella on TV. This is my first time listenining to a live performance. It was touching and gave me goose bumps. From now on, I will watch more a cappella performances on TV”. The audience gave a big round of applause.

Next, the audience were treated to a Christmas hand bell performance by “Sofu Erumi Piano Class”. The audience again clapped along with the music of the piano and hand bell. The audience were then invited to try their hands on the instruments. Children and Diarachan tried it out. Diarachan sometimes missed the rhythm and drew laughter from the audience. Hamada also joined in and put up a decent performance, but said “It was more difficult than it looked”.

After that, a lucky draw was held. There were various prizes and also personalized prizes of the 3 players. The 2 hour concert was a great success creating a heart warming atmosphere on the day before Christmas Eve.

Shunki Takahashi
“The sound of hand bell was very nice and I also wanted to try it. I always played soccer on Christmas day, but I spent one Christmas playing cards with my friends at a restaurant when I was a junior high school student.
With regards to next year goal, people say “better than this year’s result”, but I personally want to aim for champion. Thank you for your support.”

Mizuki Hamada
“I had not listened to a cappella before, but it was very good. If I have a chance again, I would love to listen to it again. It was fun playing hand bell although it was more difficult than it looked.
I would like to play in more games next season. I will work hard so that I can contribute to the team.”

Takuya Nagata
“I thought a cappella was really good and I want to listen to it again. It was really fun playing hand bell and I could relax.
On Christmas day, I usually throw a party and invite my friends to my house.
Next year, I would like to play in more games and do my best to contribute to the team.”