“Declaration to support Urawa Reds” commemorative ceremony   

“Declaration to support Urawa Reds” commemorative ceremony was held at the south entrance square of JR Higashi Kawaguchi station at 2 pm on 24th July. Over 60 people attended the ceremony.

The purpose of the ceremony was to declare Kawaguchi’s support for Urawa Reds and boost the region under the lead of Higashi Kawaguchi Shopping Mall Promotion Association. Kawaguchi city Mayor Koshiro Okamura gave a speech and said, “Supporting Urawa Reds will vitalize the town. Let’s support Reds together so that the team will win the league”. In return, President Mitsuo Hashimoto expressed appreciation to the supporters’ support. “We believe our true strength lies in our supporters who can turn Saitama Stadium red. We hope we can make Reds even stronger together”, said Hashimoto.

After that, President Masao Arai of the Higashi Kawaguchi Shopping Mall Promotion Association declared Kawaguchi a town that supports Urawa Reds. The group then travelled to Urawa Misono station by Saitama Railway. Elementary school students who were holding a large banner with the words “Declaration to support Urawa Reds / Higashi Kawaguchi” led the group and headed to Saitama Stadium from the station. On the way to the stadium, “Urawa Reds” cheers were repeated. The group arrived at the stadium about 30 minutes later.

In the south square of Saitama Stadium, President Hashimoto waited for the group and welcomed them. Urawa Reds received a commemorative shield, origami cranes that Tozuka district Children Nurturing council members folded praying for Reds’ victory and a flag which has many messages on written on it. From Reds, a pennant was presented to them.

【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD:OM)】