For A Stadium We Can Be Proud Of!

Sharing Joy Through Sport

Sport is about the happiness of joys, thrills and encounters.
Urawa Reds’ ultimate goal is to realise the J. League’s 100 Year Vision of the Sports Community for All.
That means sharing the happiness of sport with the entire community.
We believe that the greatest happiness also produces peace.
Urawa Reds are participating in the United Nations’ official Sports for Development
and Peace Programme through the Sports for Peace! Project.

Sport is Fighting by the Rules

Sport is a battle. But a battle with rules.
The players must play by the rules. Fair Play nurtures the hearts of our children.
Urawa Reds are trying to build the Reds Wonderland as a safe and agreeable,
non-everyday space.
Rule-abiding support by all fans and supporters deepens bonds with friends and helps
the team win as well.
We want our stadium to be a place where everyone can feel all of the happiness;
a stadium where we can all feel pride.
Let’s build that stadium together!

Urawa Red Diamonds
Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific

Urawa Reds are aiming to spread peace and happiness through sport under the United Nations SPORTS FOR PEACE! Project in association with the Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific. “Sport is a battle. But a battle with rules.” The players are expected to fight by the rules and the club as a whole is aiming to build the Reds Wonderland as a non-everyday space. The SPORTS FOR PEACE! Project has become known to many people through such activities as the assistance provided to the disaster zone since the Great East Japan Earthquake and also the SPORTS FOR PEACE! logo on the players’ shirts.
Starting in 2014, ‘Creating a Safer Stadium’ has been highlighted as an important activity theme under the concept, ‘For A Stadium We Can Be Proud Of!’ with calls to all fans and supporters for their participation and understanding. We believe that passionate, rule-based support both firms up bonds among friends and helps the team to win. We want to fight altogether with the help of everyone’s passionate, rule-based support to create a safer, more agreeable stadium.

Creating a safer stadium depends on maintaining the valued dialogue we already have with all fans and supporters. There is no change in our respect for everyone’s autonomy and no intention to impose unnecessary restrictions that could obstruct the freedom of support.

Seeking also to protect the environment for spontaneous support, we have tightened up our Six Prohibitions that especially have to be respected in security and other matters in order to achieve that safety. In the case of smoking at Saitama Stadium, for example, people are requested to smoke only in designated smoking areas but the smoking areas on the concourse behind the stands have been expanded.

The stadium we can be proud of cannot be achieved by tightening up rules and security measures alone. This needs the agreement of the fans and supporters. We earnestly request the voluntary participation and understanding of all.

1.Project Outline

(1) Title: SPORTS FOR PEACE! Project (SfP)
*Urawa Reds implements SfP in partnership with a non-governmental organisation, the Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific, under the official United Nations Sports for Development and Peace Programme to connect sporting activities with the causes of health, children’s education and peace.

(2) Concept: For A Stadium We Can Be Proud Of!
[1]To play fairly from start to finish.
[2]To make Reds Wonderland an agreeable place where human bonds are valued.
[3]To build a safer stadium arm-in-arm with the fans and supporters.

2.Main Activities

The players and staff are expected to understand SPORTS FOR PEACE! and realise “Play Based on the Spirit of Fair Play”, “Reds Wonderland” and “The Safe Stadium”. The club presents the SPORTS FOR PEACE! Project’s activities in the stadium and on the official website and calls for everyone’s understanding and participation through voluntary initiatives.

(1) International Grassroots Activities
The Heart-full Club visits countries across Asia with its Heart-full Soccer in Asia activity for conveying the joys of football and friendship to local children.

(2) Great East Japan Earthquake Assistance Project
Players, coaches and the Heart-full Club have been visiting areas of the Iwate Prefecture coast devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake to provide emotional and other forms of support to the children. Donations collected at the stadium etc. have been used in partnership with the Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific to deliver materials etc., together with the heartfelt wishes of all who contributed, to the people who suffered in the disaster.

(3) Activities at the Stadium
A booth has been set up on the South Plaza outside the stadium and the Aurora Vision and other facilities are also used to introduce the SPORTS FOR PEACE! videos, photographs, banners, posters etc. Children of season ticket holders bearing the SPORTS FOR PEACE! flag lead the players onto the pitch at home games and the various activities to promulgate the safe stadium concept to all fans and supporters also include special campaigns on designated SPORTS FOR PEACE! Days.

The Six Prohibitions at the stadium have also been reinforced.
*Among the various prohibited behaviours, the Six Prohibitions have been singled out as being especially important. They are:
[1] Discriminatory expressions
[2] Violent behaviour
[3] Throwing things onto the pitch
[4] Vandalism
[5] Trespassing into prohibited zones
[6] Smoking in the stands


(4) Coordination with Related Organisations
The players and staff cooperated with and participate in a wide range of social enlightenment activities organised by the Friends of the United Nations Asia-Pacific, local government organisations etc.

【Message from Dr. Noel J. Brown, President & C.E.O. of the Friends of UN】
At the general assembly of the United Nations in 2005 established the 'Sport for Development and Peace' project.
This program utilizes sports as a method to bring the world together and teach the importance of each country's culture, but above all focuses primarily on showing how sports are wonderful as they have proper rules but are still delightful.

The United Nations recognizes it is noble sportsman ship to show your opponents compassion while competing under and abiding by a set of rules.
It is our hope that the Urawa Reds and your supporters can transmit from the stadium the message of fair play mentality and open-mindedness to proud lovers of sports all across the world.