2022 Coaching Staff
Captain Hiroshi OCHIAI
Coaches Masao KAMINO
Ichiei MUROI
Yoshiaki KOISO
Manabu IKEDA
Tomoyuki SAKAI
Taketora SHIMADA
In the U.A.E.
PHOTO The Reds Heart-full Club began in the Reds home town community in 2003. Its principle is that sport is about more than just technique and physique. It is also about having a healthy mind, developing good communication skills with friends and teammates, and pursuing a chosen goal. It is the whole sporting mindset.
The Heart-full Club provides opportunities for people in our community to share in that mindset and discover the enjoyment of community-based games.
Besides its local community activities, the Heart-full club is also active internationally.
The overseas involvement began in 2005, the year after the Indian Ocean tsunami, with a project to encourage children in Phuket, Thailand. It then grew sharply in 2007 in tandem with the first team's matches in the AFC Asian Champions League.
Football clinics and lectures were organised in Indonesia, China and South Korea, the three countries of Reds' group.
This year, grassroots international exchange visits have already taken place in the UAE in April, and in Indonesia and Malaysia in May.

Heart-full School

Arranged for children of primary school age (6 to 12 years old), the Heart-full School organises 20 once-weekly sessions for groups of 30-40 boys and girls.
The roughly six-month courses teach children football skills in an environment similar to that of a full-scale football school and foster friendships among the children as well.

Heart-full Clinic

The Heart-full Clinic provides Kids' Soccer and Soccer Caravan programmes, and also offers coaching support for primary school physical education lessons and junior high school club activities on request.
Other activities include helping people with disabilities to enjoy sport, and friendship gatherings with veterans' and women's teams.
In Kids' Soccer, club coaching staff visit nursery schools to teach children sporting motions and the fun of ball games.
Soccer Caravan is a one-day coaching lesson for anyone on their own sports ground, with no restrictions by age, sex or team. Lessons are arranged on request.

Heart-full Talk

Reds also host free one-day football lessons for primary school children throughout the year. Many children at each venue have already benefited from this Heart-full Soccer programme.

Heart-full Soccer

Reds also host free one-day football lessons for primary school children throughout the year. Many children at each venue have already benefited from this Heart-full Soccer programme.

Domestic Heart-full Events

Events supported by the Heart-full Club partner companies.

International Heart-full Events

Events in other Asian countries.
2005: Thailand
2006: Thailand
2007: Shanghai, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea
2008: UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore
2009: Hong Kong, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore
2010: Thailand, Korea, Taiwan
2011: Thailand
2012: Thailand, Korea
2013: Thailand
2014: Kingdom of Bhutan
2015: Australia, Myanmar, Thailand
2016: Indonesia, Myanmar
2017: Thailand, Vietnam
2018: Cambodia, Thailand

Slogan of Urawa Reds Heart-full Club
Let's enjoy and learn the importance of sport (football), Now!


〜守(Shu)・破(Ha)・離(Ri)〜 is a word describing the three steps of acquiring skills with three Chinese characters.
It is very important to proceed along the stages step by step.

守(Shu) Basic
"Shu" means to learn basic in Japanese.
It is the step to follow the teachings of the leader accurately and faithfully and to learn the basic manners, courtesy and techniques, and foundation as the person is built.

破(Ha) Challenge
"Ha" means to challenge. It is the step to express one's identity by making all kinds of effort from the knowledge acquired at the step "Shu".
Through challenging with courage, wisdom will be acquired to become the "only one" who will gain support from everyone around.

離(Ri) Value
"Ri" means to create one's value. It is a stage called "Meijin", which means master in Japanese.
It is the final step in establishing one's own way and in creating value that will be appreciated by others and also oneself. Finally is to truly enjoy oneself.

Let's walk together with Urawa Reds Heart-full Club
Urawa Reds aims to provide to their local community a culture of wellbeing, teamwork, thoughtfulness and communication through their heart-full activities.