Coaching Staff
General Manager of Ladies Youth & Jr. Youth Team KANBE Shintaro
Ladies Youth Head Coach KANBE Shintaro
Ladies Jr. Youth Head Coach MOMOTAKE Eri
GK Coach of Ladies Youth & Jr. Youth Team SHIMIZU Yasuharu
Assistant Coach of Ladies Jr. Youth Team KIKUCHI Mai
Trainer of Ladies Youth MANDA Miyabi
Trainer of Ladies Jr. Youth Team ICHINOSE Mayu

This team for girls of junior and senior high school age has the same guiding principles and goals as the boys' teams: to nurture players who can make and act on their decisions and develop as fully self-sufficient people.
Constant efforts are made to foster an environment in which the girls can develop and advance to play for the Reds Ladies first team and perform on the global stage.
They play in various official matches, including the Kanto Ladies Football League, testing themselves and polishing their skills against many older players of university and company teams.