We would like to get a boost from the victory to move forward-comment from Team Manager Petrovic  

Looking back at the match we had today, our players performed so well during the first half of the match. It would not have been a surprise if our players scored a few more goals as the team kept the ball in their possession well. Many back line players including Shunki Takahashi performed so well. Front line players also played much better than they have in the past. Based on my counting, our opponent had only one scoring opportunity during the first half of the match. Our team controlled the rest of the first half of the match.
Though we did not have many big decisive scoring chances during the first half, our players performed so well by getting the ball close to the penalty area.
During the second half, the team had a good start by keeping the good momentum from the first half. However, the team gradually lost their pace and as a result, the opponent team led the match for a while. Nonetheless, the other players who replaced those players also played so well that our team managed to win the match in the end.
Strong efforts made by Genki Haraguchi contributed to the team’s second goal. I would like to take the victory as a boost for us to move forward positively.
From where I was, it was difficult for me to judge whether there was a moment when a penalty kick should have been given to Montedio Yamagata. When Nobuhisa Yamada gave our opponent a good scoring opportunity by mistake, one of today’s starting line up members Kato moved tactfully and saved the team with his fantastic performance. Looking at the overall match, it was justifiable that we won the match today. It was also good that a young player namely Naoki Yamada had the chance to play in the match today.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]