We will regain our momentum in playing matches-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic after the training match against Aoyama Gakuin University

I am not satisfied with the two matches we had today. I thought that many players were not playing well today. Since the team had a long time off, I think it is necessary for us to start from scratch again.
I will try to improve their conditions through training matches the team will have next week and the week after that. I hope that the team will be back in good condition before the resumption of the J. League. One good thing today was that Tatsuya returned to our team. It is certain that some of the players played well but not many performed to my satisfaction.
In our team, we have players who have played or currently play for the national team. I think it is important for those players to set a good example and lead the team. I would not like to make any comment on our opponent, but I think our team did not play in a way they would had they been playing against a J. League team today. It is true that the team went through many difficulties in a short period of time recently such as not being able to have training sessions or having the time of practice sessions changed. However, even taking these things into consideration, it was very disappointing that we had some players who had low motivation. We had many spectators who came to see the match today. They gave a big applause for our team players when they performed well or made goals. I think our players had more to offer for those supporters today.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]