We played matches professionally-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after finishing the fifth day of the Ibusuki training camp

(First of all, tell us about your impression of the match against FC Seoul yesterday.)
Obviously, I can not say that it was good as our team lost the match with the result of 1 to 4. Though our opponent led the match by two points, I was able to see good development in the team’s attack movement from longitudinal passes during the first 45 minutes. Our team members could have had several goal scoring opportunities if only their final passes were more accurate. In this regard, the team was able to carry out what we tried to achieve and I thought it was good. However, our problem was that the team lost several goals for frivolous reasons. I think the series of mistakes which led to the team’s losses were due to their lack of concentration or fatigue. It is necessary for the team to work hard in order not to lose goals unnecessarily. This is what we reflected upon after playing in the match.
(What did you think about today’s match against Chunnam Dragons?)
I thought our team played professionally during the two matches. The team played firmly. They started the match with good defense. As they had set out to do, the team then had good longitudinal passes which took them in the right direction. As for scoring goals, if the team was able to increase their accuracy towards the end, they would have been able to create more scoring opportunities. In this sense, the team had very good matches today.
(What came into light after playing the matches?)
As far as I was able to see today, our players were trying to envisage the type of soccer they were hoping to play, which was great to see. They were also able to have good combination plays by longitudinal passes after firmly building up the match. They also managed to make good offensive plays against the opponent team by spreading out. For this reason, the team was able to carry out the types of attacks which they had set out to play many times.
(Tell us about what challenges the team has.)
What they were missing were good ball handling towards the end as well as accurate last passes. Since the team has played two practice sessions a day for the last few days as well as having played several matches in a row, they looked rather worn out. I would like to see how our players address such challenges from now on.
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We played matches professionally-Team Manager Mischa