We must overcome this difficult period together-Team Manager Petrovic   

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic after the J. League 26th Sec match against Shimizu S-Pulse

First of all, looking at the overall match today, it would have been possible for us to gain at least one point. During the first half of the match, our team gave the opponent a few scoring opportunities by making mistakes. However, Kato managed to block our opponent to score goals. We started the second half of the match tied with the result of 0 to 0. As such, we were able to play aggressively by controlling the ball.
In my opinion, I thought that Shimizu S-Pulse only had one or two scoring opportunities during the second half. However, we still lost the match after all. Despite the fact that our team created several opportunities, we were not able to score any goals in the end. I feel extremely regrettable about that. I felt that our supporters were trying to go through this difficult time together with us. They welcomed us by showing their support through their warm cheering without complaints or booing after the match. I feel very grateful for our fans. I think it is extremely important for us to get out of this difficult period together with them. I thought that our team had several chances to make counter attacks during the first half of the match. However, we were not able to make the most of such chances as we did not move smartly enough in passing the ball etc. During the second half of the match, our players went onto the pitch in order to win the match with renewed pride as Urawa Reds players. As such, it was such a pity that we were not able to win.
It is necessary for us, the club, players and supporters, to go through this difficult period together as one. I think a bright future waits for us, if we can overcome this tough situation together.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]