We kept a strong determination to score goals by playing patiently – Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 14th Sec match against Cerezo Osaka

Our opponent teams often take a defensive battle plan against us recently. Even a great and aggressive team like Cerezo Osaka had nine players in their side of the field and played a defensive game. But, we had expected them to play like they did, therefore we were well prepared for that. Cerezo Osaka’s number 13 and 8 players are aggressive and dangerous. But, we aimed to push them deeper into their side of the field. We were able to get even those dangerous opponent players into a defensive position by having both our stoppers assume wide and high positions. I thought our tactics worked well as they were not able to support Forlan who was left by himself. Even when Forlan got the ball, our team was able to mark him hard and he had limited options as numbers 8 and 13 were at lower positions without being able to give him much support. This helped us to break down their attacks from the source.

Our team was patient and was able to move the ball around well and swiftly. Our players were very conscious not to lose the ball in a dangerous way and when they needed to move the ball accurately, they did so. Our team was able to carry out the match with a strong determination to score goals when they had the ball in their possession. As this was the case, it was a matter of when we were able to score goals. We finished the match by scoring one goal but it wouldn’t have been a surprise if our team created a few more scoring opportunities and nailed a few more goals.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We kept a strong determination to score goals by playing patiently – Team Manager Mischa