We are to play in our home match with high concentration  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League Second Sec. against FC Tokyo

I think what we are going through is similar to what we went through during last season. We played our opening match against Kashima Antlers in their stadium and we lost the game at that time. I can see real similarity in what happened this year. Now that we will play in our home match, we must get ourselves ready to play with high concentration.
We have had very intensive practice this week and I am content with the performance our team showed during the daily training sessions. Our players have a strong determination to win no matter what. As we are playing a match in our home stadium, we will play aggressively.
However, we should not lose control. We would like to play aggressively by paying enough consideration to the pace of the game. We want to start our season as positively as we can. I think I will be able to tell you whether we started our season positively or not after fifth or sixth sec.
What is important for us right now is to collect as many points as possible.
As for the condition of our players, unfortunately, Sanou who had been performing so well this week got injured during today’s training. I feel very sorry for him. He was performing so well during training. This is the second time he was injured since coming to Japan. To be honest with you, I think the injury he received this time would probably take more than few days or a week to recover. However, it is not like we have so many other injured players at the moment. I have no intention of making complaints about our current situation. As such, I do not think it is necessary for me to comment more on our players’ injuries right here.