The team tried their best and displayed their will to put everything they had into the match-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic after the J. League 2nd Sec match against Gamba Osaka
Looking at the overall match, I thought the match our team played was fantastic. Even though Gamba Osaka controlled the match and kept the ball to themselves most of the time during the first half of the match, our team players were able to create four or five big opportunities. On the contrary, Gamba Osaka had only one or two scoring opportunities.
During the second half of the match, though the opponent team scored the first goal, we managed to catch up after that. Since then, our team performed so well that I thought I was looking at Barcelona play. However, we are Urawa Reds after all.
Our team players are in good condition. I believe that having good consultation and working well with our medical staff members have contributed greatly to the team’s recent condition, which does not deteriorate even during the second half of the match. I think it was a very positive sign that our team created 12 or 13 major scoring opportunities during the second half of the match. However, having said that, it was such a pity that the team was not able to make the most of such opportunities.
I must note that Kato did a great job in blocking Gamba’s other scoring opportunity during the second half. I believe that such action by Kato prevented Gamba from scoring another goal and helped our team gain momentum to catch up with our opponent team. I always tell my players to do their best and put all they have into the match. As I was able to see them do so during the match today, I would like to commend my players for making such efforts. Looking at how they played today, I was able to witness real samurai spirits at work. I thought young players such as Shunki and Genki played so hard for the team by putting all they have into the match. Tatsuya and Mercio also played so hard for the team until they almost collapsed. Seeing how my team players performed, I felt so proud of them.
Though you may know why by looking at the match today, I can not answer why our team was not able to win.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]