Our players worked in full blast-Team Manager Petrovic  

We had a good start at the beginning of the first half of the match. Genki Haraguchi was able to score a goal fantastically at an early stage. However, our opponent controlled the match after that. Strong wind might have had some negative impact on the players. As a result, there were many occasions when our team lost the ball to the opponent team due to failed combination plays. Our team lost a goal to the opponent in the end. We should have taken the strong wind into consideration and moved more wisely when we were not able to perform a combination play while we were leading the match with the score of 1 to 0. We should have played differently such as kicking the ball to the back side etc.
However, having said that, Serezo Osaka is an excellent team. Their team has played together with the same members for a long time and they are comfortable with each other. Though some of our players were not able to show 100 percent of their potential performances, I can give all the members of my team ten out of ten in terms of performing in full blast. As for Genki Haraguchi, I am very proud that he scored a third goal for the season.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD; OM)]