J.League vs Oita Trinita   

2007 J.League 28th sec,7 October 2007 15:03 Kick off at Saitama Urawa Komaba Stadium

Match Result
Urawa Reds(2-1)Oita Trinita

Goals:21min WASHINGTON,33min Fujita(Oita),68min WASHINGTON

Comment of the Holger OSIECK(Team-Manager)
Today’s game was the seventh and the last game of the series of battles.
Every single one of them was very tense. However, our players showed high performance in all the games. In addition, we were able to see emotional strength and fighting spirits from the players in the game today. I really want to congratulate the players for overcoming this severe period. I think the morals of the players improved and they became mentally stronger through these series of games. I think our players now have strength to manage any kinds of situation.

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