HKFC Philips Lighting International Soccer 7’s Tournament   

Urawa Reds is participating in the HKFC Philips Lighting International Soccer 7’s 2008 held on the 24th and 25th of May in Hong Kong.

This tournament is hosted by Hong Kong Football Club. This is the 10th tournament. Although Urawa Reds finished in the top 8 last year, we were the champions in the 6th and 7th tournaments. We will strive to win the tournament.

◆Name of the competition: The HKFC Philips Lighting International Soccer 7’s 2008

◆Date: Saturday, 24th May, group stage, 4 teams, 3 games each (single round robin format) , 4 groups / Sunday, 25th May, the final tournament

◆Venue: Hong Kong Football Club Soccer Pitch

◆Teams: 16 teams *Urawa Reds are in the group A
Group A: Urawa Reds (JPN), West Ham United (UK), Hong Kong Football Club (HK) and Eagles Football Team (HK)
Group B: Glasgow Celtic (UK), AIS (AUS), Kitchee F.C. (HK) and HKFC Captain’s Select (HK)
Group C: Aston Villa F.C. (UK), PSV Eindhoven (NED), Bulova Rangers FC (HK) and Yau Yee Select (HK)
Group D: Glasgow Rangers F.C. (UK), Happy Valley Athletic Association (HK), Eastleigh F.C. (UK) and Shanghai Shooters A.F.C. (CHI)

Staff: Daisuke Kitano (Development division), Kenichi Amano (Youth coach), Masaki Ijima (Youth coach), Toshihiro Seki (Main manager), Harumi Yasuoka (Doctor) and Terumitsu Nishigaki (Athletic trainer)
Players: Jyunki Koike, Kazuya Sakamoto, Masato Hashimoto and Yusuke Hayashi. From Reds Youth, Takaharu Arai, Ryota Tonegawa, Masami Okada and Tetsuya Ishizawa

◆Plan: Departure on the 21st of May / Return on the 26th of May

・No age restrictions to players but all players had to be 16 as for the 1st of January in 2008.
・The size of pitch is 75% of the ordinary ground. (Goal size is the same)
・Each match is 7 minutes each half with 1-minute break. FIFA rules apply with the exception of the offside rule. There is no offside rule.
・One team can register 10 players maximum.
・In a match, each team will field only 7 players.
・3 substitutions are allowed. Once a player is substituted, the player cannot play again in the match.
・3 points are awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.
・After the group stage, the top 2 teams from each group will proceed to the final tournament.
The bottom 2 teams will go to the Seventh Plate (tournament).
・If 2 teams have the same number of points, ranking will be decided based on the criteria below.
1. goal difference 2. number of goals scored 3. sudden death in an extra game will be carried out. 1 team, 4 players.

<Urawa Reds・Results of the past>
Pool play: 2-0 KFCTOKYO / 0-0 Yau Yee Select / 1-1 Manchester United
Quarter final: 2-1 Celtic
Semi final: 4-0 Happy Valley
Final: 3-0 PSV
Player of the tournament: Sergio Escudero

Pool play: 2-0 Kitchee / 3-0 Hong Kong I.V.T / 1-0 Rangers
Quarter final: 2-1 Happy Valley
Semi final: 3-1 Kaizer Chiefs
Final: 1-0 Aston Villa

Pool play: 2-0 Yau Yee Select / 0-0 South China / 2-0 Arsenal
Quarter final: 1-2 Aston Villa

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