Gamba Osaka Official Press Conference for ACL 2nd Semi-Final Match   

A day before the 2nd semi-final game in the ACL, 21st October, Gamba Osaka held a press conference at 5:30 pm at Saitama Stadium.

After their training in Suita City a day before, they moved to Saitama City. Team Manager Akira Nishino and Naoki Matsuyo attended the press conference.

Team Manager Akira Nishino
“When we played in the ACL in 2006, we were unable to advance to the knock-out stage. We learned from that experience and tried harder this year. We managed to advance through the preliminary. That was our goal. Our achievement became precious experience for our club. We set 2 new goals prior to our playing in the knock-out stage. One was to win against the potential winner in the quarter-final and the next one was to win Urawa Reds who are the defending champions.
Now we are facing the 2nd semi-final match against Urawa Reds. For this, I would like to praise our players. Learning from the 1st match, we know how we should play in the 2nd match. We will play as hard as we can. Our team condition is not bad. For a while during summer, we had a bad period. However, the players worked very hard to improve the condition. I believe we can have a good game. It is obvious that we have to win. Also, we want to have a good game against Reds.”

Naoki Matsuyo
“All of us are looking forward to facing Reds at Saitama Stadium. We came here believing that we can advance to the final.”