After playing the match against Shimizu S-Pulse  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup second quarter final against Shimizu S-Pulse
In regards to the first half of the game, we started the game in a very “strange” way. First of all, we lost our first goal only about 45 seconds into the game.
We lost the second goal just before half time. I think we played relatively well between the two goal losses. Nonetheless, we were not able to score a goal. As for the second half, even though we were able to control the ball and created some scoring opportunities, we were not able to score goals. We were not able to make the most of the scoring opportunities we created. As for the moral of the team, since we were not able to score any goals for a long time, it seemed as though we lost our luck to score goals in the end.
We prepared ourselves so well and had such strong determination to play what we practiced on the pitch. However, we lost our goal within just 45 seconds. To make the matters worse, we lost our own goal. In the end, we lost the match with the score of 0 to 3. When you only look at the result of 0 to 3, it sounds terrible. However, I think the type of soccer both teams played was not so different.
The team made several mistakes during the match today. As far as older players were concerned, those mistakes were not necessary. But, as for the young players, I think they learnt important lessons for the future from those mistakes.
For example, Naoki Yamada was perhaps able to play a penalty kick at that time. Since the opponent defense player knocked Naoki down, it was possible for Naoki to have the chance for a penalty kick. But, Naoki did not let the ball go and continued to play.
As for Takuya Nagata, his loss of concentration led to losses. I think that young players learnt a lot from today’s match. I would like them to learn a lot from those mistakes so that they can do better in the future.
I would like our players to do their best for the match on Sunday to have the best result we can. It is certainly important for us to win J. League matches. We then will have our mid break. To be honest with you, this break is necessary for not only us but also our players. Since our players are all worn out, we would like to use this break period for their good recovery. Team members will have medical check-ups. Through these medical check-ups, I would like to assess which players will be capable of putting up with what kind of burden. I would also like to find out how players accumulate their fatigue.