After finishing today’s training-Team Manger Mr. Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Finke after finishing today’s training

(What is your impression after finishing the three-day practice?) What I can say clearly to you is that it was much colder than yesterday (lol). It was great that I was able to see how young players and newly joined players played, which was not possible to see on the screen before. They had made a good impression on me. We still have some time until the transfer deadline and we cannot deny the possibility of getting more new players. However, either way, it is necessary for me to grasp what types of players are in my team. I can clearly say that some young players have great ability and talent. Of course, I am not suggesting here that I distinguish between experienced players and those who are not. Looking at the games the team played last year, I thought that what this team needs is more aggressive soccer with speed. I will use players as long as they can show me that they play such kind of soccer even when they are in their early thirties. In the German soccer sphere there is a saying like this; what makes experienced players run more is the hard work of young players. This is exactly what I am getting at.
(What can you say from the physical data you collected from the team over the last three days?) I may give some kind of comments to my players based on the data I collected. However, I will not reveal the information to outsiders. The data was collected for the sake of our players. For the physical check up conducted this time, highly skilled staff of the Saitama Prefectural Sports Training Center extended their wonderful support and I feel grateful to them.
(Could you comment on the practice method with the goal set in the opposite direction?) It is certainly not a typical practice method used in Germany. I have always aimed for combination soccer plays based on short passes for a long time. It is true that I came up with many practice methods based on game plays to achieve this aim. With such practice methods, the goal is often set in the opposite direction. There are several reasons for this. One of the reasons is that it is important for players to bring the ball into the risky area for their opponent by repeating combinations, and make decisive passes and strike goals from this area. By setting the goal in the opposite direction, players are required to think about how they should utilize the area to get to the goal as well as to develop strong awareness in their approach.
(Why do you wear different color clothes (such as blue and black) to other coaching staff from the first day?) I am sixty years old. I am totally happy about my age but I no longer need to gain attention at my age. Therefore, I like to wear something sober. It is obvious that blue and black are more conservative colors than that (glossy) white, isn’t it?
(I heard that you are quite concerned about environmental issues.) Now, I am employed as a team manger here, therefore, I have a little different stance compared to when I was in Freiburg. Of course, I take environmental issues seriously in general. The stadium in Freiburg has solar battery panels on the roof and the energy generated on the roof is used for warming the grass and so on. My house is also equipped with solar battery panels on its roof and we use solar energy as well. However, as I am employed as a team manager here, I will not make any personal comment regarding the club’s practice field or stadium from an environmental point of view. In 2003, I was awarded an environmental conservation award from the Federal Ministry for the Environment in Germany as an individual not as a team manger. I invited the then environment minister to the stadium to show our match. Unfortunately, we lost the game on that day. My thought on that day was that I would have preferred to have won the game with three points than been awarded the environment award (lol).
(Would Tulio join the training camp in Miyazaki starting from tomorrow?) Tulio came here yesterday and had another check up. I have the result of his check up. Tulio will definitely come to the training camp and so will Alex. They will have a separate training session with Trainer Nozaki. They will not train with the rest of the team.

(What are you planning to achieve during the training camp?) Considering the number of days we have for this season, the time we have to build up our endurance will be limited. So, one of the aims we are trying to achieve in Miyazaki is to build up the endurance of the players. I am also planning to improve the resilience of the players on the pitch. When their resilience improves, they will make fewer mistakes towards the end of games. During the training camp, we will try to build up the foundation that is necessary to play such games. Our key words are endurance and resilience on the pitch. We will practice using the data collected a few days ago based on sport physiology. Another important point is to ascertain information from the staff members and players to determine why the team did not do so well last year. At the same time, I will try to establish good communication with them. There are 24 hours a day and during which I would like to have meaningful conversations with them. I take this training as a preparation to unite the team as one.

(Where are you going to have the next training camp that focuses on strategy practice?) After having a meeting that lasted over 2.5 hours, we finalized our next camp venue. I think we picked the best place out of several options. However, as we are still going through the planning phase, the club will announce the venue at a later date.