88th Emperor’s Cup 4th Game vs Ehime FC  

Here is the result of the 88th Emperor’s Cup 4th game against Ehime FC held at Komaba Stadium on the 3rd of November.

Monday, 3rd November 2008, kick off at 1:01 pm, Komaba Stadium
Urawa Reds 1-0 Ehime FC (Extra-Time 1-0)
Goal: 95 min PONTE(PK)
Attendance: 16,724

Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
It was good to win. But, it was a typical cup match. I am used to this type of match in Germany. As we had several opportunities both in the first and second half of the game, if we had scored a goal earlier, we might have had a different type of game. When teams in different divisions play against each other, naturally a team in the first division is expected to win. When a team in the second division wins, it is seen as a miracle. As this is the case, teams in the lower division always play with all their might and try hard to make counter attacks against the solid defence. Today’s match was a typical cup match in this regard. Unfortunately, as we were not able to score any goals, we had to play extra time. Thanks to Tulio’s tenacity, we managed to lead the game with scoring a penalty kick. However, it was very unfortunate that Hosogai was sent off. He has been playing several matches in a row recently and has shown us such good performances. However, still being young, he was carried away emotionally and it was not good. As he was sent off with a direct red card, he will probably not be able to play in the next match against Sapporo. It is very regrettable that this happened. Cup matches are knock out games, either you win or lose. I am glad that we won today and are able to play in the next round.
We will play in the different competition next. As we won the last two games and have kept our sheet clean, our next challenge will be to win and remain focused. We must be all positive. We still have some time till Saturday. It will be such an important game for us. We will have a day off tomorrow. So, we need to discuss the game we played today the following day. From then on, we must prepare ourselves well for the next match against Sapporo.
There were two positive aspects in today’s game. One was that Tatsuya was in the starting line-up for the first time after a while and showed us such a good performance. There was a moment that could have led to a penalty kick. As he makes such good moves, he is a type of player who is difficult to follow in the eyes of opponent team players. Another positive point was Keita. Even though he was still suffering from his cold, he was able to play as a start member after some time. Abe and Takahara were able to refresh themselves a little. I want us to win the next game as well. For this reason, we will prepare ourselves well.