2010 Season Schedule  

J.League announced the 2010 schedule for the J.League and Yamazaki Nabisco Cup today.

A more detailed schedule (date & time, venue, opponent team etc) for the 2010 season will be announced early February.

<18 teams, 34 games (home & away)>
1st sec: Saturday, 6th March or Sunday, 7th March
2nd sec: Saturday, 13th March or Sunday, 14th March
3rd sec: Saturday, 20th March or Sunday, 21st March
4th sec: Saturday, 27th March or Sunday, 28th March *1
5th sec: Saturday, 3rd April or Sunday, 4th April
6th sec: Saturday, 10th April or Sunday, 11th April
7th sec: Saturday, 17th April or Sunday, 18th April
8th sec: Saturday, 24th April or Sunday, 25th April
9th sec: Saturday, 1st May
10th sec: Wednesday (PB), 5th May
11th sec: Saturday, 8th May or Sunday, 9th May *2
12th sec: Saturday, 15th May or Sunday, 16th May
13th sec: Saturday, 17th July or Sunday, 18th July
14th sec: Saturday, 24th July or Sunday, 25th July
15th sec: Tuesday, 27th July or Wednesday, 28th July
16th sec: Saturday, 31st July or Sunday, 1st August
17th sec: Saturday, 7th August or Sunday, 8th August
18th sec: Saturday, 14th August or Sunday, 15th August
19th sec: Tuesday, 17th August or Wednesday, 18th August
20th sec: Saturday, 21st August or Sunday, 22nd August
21st sec: Saturday, 28th August or Sunday, 29th August
22nd sec: Saturday, 11th September or Sunday, 12th September
23rd sec: Saturday, 18th September or Sunday, 19th September
24th sec: Saturday, 25th September *3
25th sec: Saturday, 2nd October or Sunday, 3rd October
26th sec: Saturday, 16th October or Sunday, 17th October
27th sec: Saturday, 23rd October or Sunday, 24th October
28th sec: Saturday, 30th October or Sunday, 31st October
29th sec: Saturday, 6th November or Sunday, 7th November
30th sec: Sunday, 14th November *4
31st sec: Saturday, 20th November
32nd sec: Tuesday (PB), 23rd November
33rd sec: Saturday, 27th November or Sunday, 28th November
34th sec: Saturday, 4th December

*1: Teams participating in the 2010 AFC Champions League may have a game (either home or away) on Wednesday, 21st April.
*2: Teams which make it into the Round of 16 of the 2010 AFC Champions League may have a game (regardless of home or away) on Wednesday, 14th July.
*3: Teams playing in the quarter final of the AFC Champions League may have a game (either home or away) on Sunday, 26th September.
*4: Teams playing in the final of the AFC Champions League may have a game (either home or away) on Wednesday, 27th October.

◆J.League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup
<14 teams are divided into 2 groups. Each team will play against each other once in the 1st round of the preliminary league. The top 2 teams from each group, and 4 teams, which will participate in the ACL, will advance to the quarter final. The games will be played over 2 legs (home & away) to decide teams which will advance to the next round and then the final.>

【Preliminary league】
1st sec: Wednesday, 31st March
2nd sec: Saturday, 14th April
3rd sec: Saturday, 22nd May
4th sec: Wednesday, 26th May
5th sec: Saturday, 29th May or Sunday, 30th May
6th sec: Saturday, 5th June or Sunday, 6th June
7th sec: Wednesday, 9th June

【Final tournament】
Quarter final
1st sec: Wednesday, 1st September
2nd sec: Wednesday, 8th September
Semi final
1st sec: Wednesday, 29th September
2nd sec: Sunday, 10th October
Wednesday (PB), 3rd November

Click here to see the J.League official website about the 2010 season (Japanese only)